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Aims Community College UAS Associate's DegreeEarn a UAS Associate’s Degree at Aims Community College in Colorado!

This fall, Aims Community College will begin offering an Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Associate of Applied Science Degree, the first of its kind to be offered in Colorado. Aims is only the fifteenth two-year college in the United States to offer a degree in this field. The college has offered a UAS certificate since 2021, preparing students to take the FAA small UAS certification exam and gain the basic credentials to fly drones professionally. The new associate degree program will offer more in depth training in response to industry growth and increased demand for UAS expertise.

Are You Ready for Remote ID? FAA Guidelines and Resources

The FAA has released a document outlining compliance measures with the Remote ID rule, otherwise known as Part 89, which requires all drones be equipped with new Remote ID recognition and tracking technology in order to further integrate UAVs into the National Airspace System (NAS).

Draganfly, PromoDrone Partner on Starling x.2 Drone: Critical Messaging, When and Where Needed

This summer throughout the world, extreme weather events leading to flooding and heat waves have put strain on public safety resources everywhere.  The new Starling X.2 is an innovative tool to help responders communicate quickly – providing fast, eye-catching, sky borne messaging, when and where it’s most important.

Drone Accelerator Genius NY Partners with Murzilli Consulting to Help Startups Take Flight

Murzilli Consulting and GENIUS NY have announced a new partnership providing start-up participants in the GENIUS NY drone accelerator programme and portfolio with Murzilli Consulting in-house resources, assisting them with complex regulatory frameworks and enabling faster revenue generation.

Australia’s Carbonix Completes First Commercial Flights in US with Volanti Electric Fixed Wing

Australian drone manufacturer Carbonixand drone data management platform provider Aerial Vantage have completed their first commercial flights in Michigan. With missions taking place every fortnight, the ongoing campaign aims to extract insight through advanced drone capabilities and advanced AI data processing.

Event 38 Releases New Variant of E400 ISR Drone: Longer Flight, Wider Range, and More

U.S.-based UAV manufacturer Event 38 Unmanned Systems Inc. has announced the release of a new variant of its flagship E400 ISR drone. Designed for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions, the E400 ISR has a range of applications which include search and rescue, law enforcement, and military operations. This new variant introduces several enhanced features that improve upon its versatility.

PLANA AAM, Hi-AirSouth Korea Moves Full Speed Ahead on Advanced Air Mobility: PLANA, Hi-Air Ink Deal for 30 AAM Aircraft

In South Korea, urban air mobility is getting real – and the country is taking a leading position in development, manufacture, and deployment.  This week, Korean manufacturer PLANA signs LOI to supply commercial air carrier Hi-Air with 30 AAM aircraft.

FAA Releases Air Taxi Implementation Plan: Operations by 2028

The FAA has issued an implementation plan for integrating air taxis and advanced air mobility (AAM) into the National Airspace (NAS) by 2028. The  implementation plan is directed towards the “Innovate28” AAM project, in reference to the agency’s goal of allowing AAM operations at limited locations by 2028.  The plan  “includes various components and the sequence they will occur in for operations to be at scale at one or more sites by 2028,” says the FAA announcement.

U.S. Government Agencies Invest in Counter UAS: DroneShield’s $33 Million Contract

Founded in 2014 in Australia, DroneShield is an Australian and US-based company specializing in counter drone technology.  Their product suite runs from detection capability through mitigation.  Their flagship products include the DroneSentry detection technology and the handheld DroneGun series, which allow personnel to neutralize drone threats.  DroneShield uses non-kinetic jamming technology to neutralize drones.

Model A Alef Aeronautics Airworthiness certificateThe Next Model A: Alef Aeronautics’ Flying Car (Which Can Also Drive on the Road)

In a significant step forward for personal air mobility, San Mateo-based flying car company Alef Aeronautics recently announced that its “Model A” vehicle has received a Special Airworthiness Certificate from the FAA. While the “Special” certificate limits the areas and purposes for which the Model A can fly, this is the first time a vehicle in this class has received legal approval for flight. In their press release, Jim Dukhovny, the CEO of Alef, said, “We’re excited to receive this certification from the FAA. It allows us to move closer to bringing people an environmentally friendly and faster commute, saving individuals and companies hours each week. This is one small step for planes, one giant step for cars,”

Drone Ag Wins UK Grant to Develop Skippy Scout: Automated Crop Scouting with COTS Drones

Drone Ag is the developer of Skippy, a mobile app delivering precision ag data on a smartphone.  Using inexpensive, commercial off the shelf (COTS) DJI drones, Skippy could be a game changer for farmers, researchers and commercial producers of agricultural products.  Skippy Scout delivers crop views, reporting, and more; automatically.

SimActive Goes Big: Lower Pricing for Processing Data From Larger Drone Cameras

SimActive Inc., a world-leading developer of photogrammetry software, started 20 years ago providing large scale mapping for military customers, based on data gathered from large format cameras mounted on aircraft.  Since then, their flagship Correlator3D software has expanded to offer the same ease of use and fast processing times for a wide variety of data: from satellite data to drone data.

FAA ReauthorizationHouse Passes FAA Reauthorization Bill

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a 5 year FAA Reauthorization Bill.  H.R. 3935, “Securing Growth and Robust Leadership in American Aviation Act” passed in a bipartisan 351-69 vote. The Bill passed the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee in June.  Several controversial aspects of that proposal, including the expansion of flights serviced at Washington D.C.’s Ronald Reagan International Airport, were eliminated before the final vote.