Green Technology

Energy management system boosts utility’s energy and environmental efficiency

A real-time energy management system for water networks – AQUADVANCED® Energy – has enabled Scottish Water to achieve a 10% average reduction in energy consumption, according to SUEZ, the firm behind it.

The water utility has seen a 10% average reduction in energy consumption, with July showcasing a remarkable 12% savings, the highest since they started recording benefits.

AQUADVANCED® Energy is described as an innovative software solution for utilities to efficiently and sustainably manage their daily water network operations. In the Scottish Water trial, the software collects live data, predicts demand for up to 24 hours, and helps network operators optimise water pump efficiency while reducing the carbon footprint. “Through advanced simulation software, SUEZ is making it easier to predict and quickly respond to unexpected events, such as unplanned outages, consequently enhancing the system’s reliability overall.”

The software also streamlines operations, allowing the controls team to focus on other critical priorities. It also aids in scheduling pumping to lower tariffs and peak demand charges, as well as improving resource quality and preventing stagnation by ensuring continuous water flow throughout the system, says SUEZ.

According to Mitch Donnelly, Managing Director of SUEZ Digital Solutions UK, AQUADVANCED® Energy is “reshaping the landscape of water operations and delivering remarkable results that exceed expectations”.

Scottish Water, which serves over 2.6 million households and more than 150,000 businesses in Scotland, has been on a mission to enhance water quality and service efficiency. In the last couple of years, the company has invested £799 million, marking their most substantial annual investment to date.

The trial area for AQUADVANCED® Energy lies in Scotland’s Balmore region, a geographically small yet water-rich area. Following the technology’s success in increasing efficiency in terms of cost and energy at their largest treatment works, Scottish Water plans to expand the trial to Aberdeen and Fife in the coming months.

According to Stephen Griffen, Scottish Water Utilities Manager, AQUADVANCED® Energy has become an “invaluable tool for our shift teams”, which “complements their expertise and experience, rather than a replacement of threat”.

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