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EXL Work Experience as Process Associate

My experience at EXL was a mixed bag. I got in as a process associate after getting a call from an agency which saw my listing. There were a few rounds of interviews which were pretty easy for me and I got in.

The first day

The first day was orientation day. It was a work-from-home job so our orientation was conducted through video call. Two members of HR briefed us on the company protocols and told us about the leaves, insurance, and other legalese. The orientation lasted for about 1 hour and the rest of the day was given to us for preparing and submitting our documents which were part of the formalities.

My Responsibilities

My responsibilities included doing the client process with accuracy and efficiency.

Work, Work, and more Work

After a month of training our work started. We all were very optimistic during training but that was all in vain. The first week was ok and the weeks after that were nightmares. Our supervisors had pressure from the client side regarding the performance of the team and they didn’t hesitate to transfer that pressure on us. The morale of the team was very low for the first 3 months. When I researched EXL everyone was only saying good things, but our experience was far from it and we blamed it all on our poor luck which brought us to this particular process. We even had to pull an extra 2 or sometimes 3 hours to get our job done in the initial days.

But rainy days didn’t last long.

After 3 months our efficiency saw an improvement and pressure was decreasing, life was pretty decent after that but I didn’t stay in the company for long because of the initial experience but my colleagues who continued working there are not regretting their decision.

What did I learn?

I had lots of training in the company and there was a good amount of learning opportunities, I was working in the insurance process so learned a lot of stuff about insurance and its workings and the entire training phase was around 1 month.

Overall company culture

The overall culture of the company is very good and their HR policy is also good, i.e. if you have any grievance you could contact your HR manager who can mediate any disputes. Among ourselves, many of us used to joke about complaining to HR regarding the hectic days but funnily none of us had the courage to go against the supervisors.

Should you join?

Well it should absolutely be your decision and I shouldn’t meddle with it but maybe my situation was a one-off. Everybody I talked to had only good opinions about EXL; our HR was working in the company for more than 10 years and our supervisor also shared a similar story. I would say your experience will depend on what process you get and at what stage you get in, our’s was a new team and the entire workload was on the shoulders of a few new guys and that definitely increased the pressure. So, with some luck(or lots- just kidding) you might find your place at EXL.


  • Good overall work culture
  • Takes good care of employees in general
  • Good training exposure even with international clients.


  • If you are unlucky pressure might mount
  • Salary is low compared to peers

Last Updated :
31 Jul, 2023

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