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Fidelity Investments Work Experience as Intern

Stepping into the corporate world as an intern at Fidelity Investments was a defining moment in my career. For five months, I had the privilege of being part of a dynamic team, working on a project that involved the DevOps tech stack, including Jenkins Core, Docker, Angular, Terraform, and AWS. However, beyond the technical aspects, my internship at Fidelity offered a wealth of opportunities for growth, learning, and networking that left an indelible mark on my professional journey.

From the very first day of my internship, Fidelity Investments emphasized a culture of continuous learning and professional development. The exposure to cutting-edge technologies like Jenkins Core, Docker, and AWS allowed me to expand my technical knowledge and practical skills significantly. Working on a project involving Terraform and Angular deepened my understanding of infrastructure as code and front-end development.

Moreover, Fidelity provided access to workshops, training sessions, and online resources, enabling interns to upskill and stay relevant in an ever-evolving industry. The supportive work environment encouraged asking questions and seeking guidance from experienced professionals, making the learning process more enriching.

One of the most remarkable aspects of my internship at Fidelity was the strong emphasis on mentorship. From day one, I was assigned a mentor who not only guided me on my project but also provided valuable career advice and insights into the industry. Regular one-on-one interactions with my mentor allowed me to discuss challenges, seek feedback, and gain a broader perspective on the organization’s work culture.

The open-door policy at Fidelity made it easy to approach senior colleagues and leaders, fostering a sense of camaraderie and trust. Their encouragement and constructive feedback motivated me to deliver my best and excel in my role as an intern.

Fidelity Investments is a global organization with a diverse workforce. My internship experience exposed me to a network of professionals from different domains and backgrounds. Regular team meetings, knowledge-sharing sessions, and departmental events facilitated meaningful interactions and collaborations with colleagues across the organization.

Furthermore, Fidelity organized various networking events where interns could connect with senior leaders and executives. These events not only provided valuable insights into the company’s vision and values but also opened doors for future career opportunities within the organization.

Fidelity Investments encouraged interns to think innovatively and contribute fresh perspectives to ongoing projects. The organization valued creativity and embraced new ideas, making it an ideal platform for aspiring professionals to showcase their talents. I had the opportunity to actively participate in brainstorming sessions and contribute to innovative solutions, making my internship an intellectually stimulating experience.

My five-month internship at Fidelity Investments was a transformative journey filled with numerous opportunities for growth, learning, and networking. Beyond the technical aspects of my project, Fidelity’s culture of continuous learning, mentorship, and networking opened new horizons for me as a professional. The experience instilled in me a passion for innovation and a deeper understanding of the importance of collaboration and teamwork in achieving organizational goals.

I am immensely grateful to Fidelity Investments for providing me with an enriching internship experience that has shaped my career trajectory and will continue to inspire my journey in the world of technology and finance. To all aspiring interns, I encourage you to embrace every opportunity during your internship, as it could be a turning point that shapes your future for the better.

Last Updated :
03 Aug, 2023

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