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Forcepoint Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2024

I am a B.Tech student of Computer Engineering, batch of 2024 and appeared for the Forcepoint On-Campus Placement Drive in July 2023.

Role : QA

Eligibility :

  • Class X: 90% and above
  • Class XII : 85% and above
  • BE CSE/IT : 8.0 CGPA and above
  • No live backlog

Round 1 : Online Assessment(Aptitude+Technical)

This round was conducted on Mettl platform( duration of the test was 65 minutes.

No negative marking.

The questions were of easy to medium difficulty and the test was divided in 5 sections as follows:

  1. Logical Reasoning(5 questions-11 minutes)
  2. Quantitative Reasoning (5 questions-11 minutes)
  3. Analytical Skills/Data Interpretation(5 questions-11 minutes)
  4. Verbal Ability(5 questions-11 minutes)
  5. Data Structures & algorithms + Basic programming language questions(16 questions-21 minutes)

There was 1 coding question as well about the number of jumps to escape a jail. Link for the question :

You could practice the questions for this test from IndiaBix(

Some questions were repeated due to technical glitches.

Round 2 : Technical Round 1

Around 25-27 students were shortlisted for the Technical Round 1 based on their Online Assessment scores and with the chosen job roles for which they wanted to interview(Developer or QA). There were 3 students for QA and the rest for the Developer position.

This round lasted for around 50 minutes.

The questions asked were as follows :

  • Introduce yourself
  • What is your preferred programming language?(I answered Python and Java basics)
  • What is constructor? Why is it used? Types of Constructors. Example.
  • OOPS Concepts(4 Pillars)
  • Inheritance and types of inheritance
  • final and finally keyword
  • Exception handling
  • Nested try catch syntax and structure to be written on text editor on Laptop(asked me to share my screen and write this).
  • DSA questions : Array and Linked List, Difference between Array and Linked List
  • Which has contiguous memory allocation, Array or Linked List?

Programming question : Find the third maximum distinct element in an array and do not use sort(he asked for approach when I was stuck in the program). The code snippet or approach was to be written in a text editor on your laptop, while sharing the screen. It was similar to this :

The interviewer was quite chill and friendly. He was helping me when I was unable to answer some questions correctly. He corrected me and explained the concepts as we went ahead with the interview, so there is no need to panic if you are not able to recall some concepts, you can discuss what you know with the interviewer and share your thought process.

Round 3 : Technical Round 2

6 students were shortlisted for Technical Round 2(4 Developer and 2 QA).

This round lasted for around 45-50 mins. The questions were as follows :

  • Introduce yourself.
  • What are the projects you have done?
  • Explained about my 3 projects, which were all ML related.
  • She asked about the implementation of 2 projects in detail, so I explained the workflow and execution of those projects from the beginning.
  • They are interested in knowing about your role in the project, so make sure to know about all the details of your projects and explain your contribution and role thoroughly, in case of group projects(all 3 of mine were group projects).
  • Asked me why my preferred language is Python and what advantages does it hold over other languages.
  • OOPS Concepts(4 Pillars) and asked me to explain any one in detail.
  • Asked me from the scratch and basic concepts of class and objects by giving some example lines of code and asking me the output for those lines.
  • 1 Puzzle Question : I was asked about the approach and was not asked to write any code as the job role was QA, so we were discussing the approach for this problem and I was sharing my thought process, to which she was helping me in fine tuning and going in the right direction for my approach.
  • 5 test cases for Parking Lot and Login Page(QA role, hence the test case question).

The interviewer for this round was also friendly and helped me calm my nerves, when I was not able to answer at times. She guided me through some questions and built up my confidence from the basics, which made gave me the confidence to answer and communicate better.

Again, do not stress out too much and lose hope in the middle of it, the interview environment becomes challenging but you can communicate with the interviewer and they would be understanding of your condition and try to calm you down, so just stay calm and answer to the best of your abilities.

At the end of this round, the interviewer asks if you have any questions for them, so make sure to ask at least two questions regarding the job role technical aspects or responsibilities or how does the workflow happen in the company and how the product is made right from the testing to the development stage, work dynamics and so on. This gives the impression of interest in knowing about the company’s workflow and dynamics and makes you feel confident.

Round 4 : HR Round

4 students were then shortlisted for HR round(2 Developer and 2 QA).

This round lasted for around 15 minutes. It was mostly just a friendly conversation and talking about general things like:

  • How were the previous rounds? How has the interview day been?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • The first 3 semesters for my batch were online due to COVID, so she asked how was the difference between online and offline environments and how did you cope with the change?
  • The HR asked me if I had any questions, so I asked about the work culture, how things go around in the company and so on, the basic stuff. You may ask your doubts accordingly but do make sure to ask something.

Result : Selected(All 4 students were placed)

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07 Aug, 2023

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