Foxconn commencing iPhone 15 production in India

According to industry sources familiar with the matter, one of Apple’s contractors, Foxconn, has started production of the iPhone 15 in India. Production in the country commenced only a couple of weeks after Apple kicked off assembly in China. That’s just another push by Apple to reduce its reliance on Chinese manufacturing facilities amidst rising trade tensions between Washington and Beijing.

Apple starts iPhone 15 production in India

The Cupertino-based tech giant started producing some ifs iPhones last year in India but months after the Chinese fabs started operating. This year, however, Apple is clearly trying to close the gap between the two manufacturing hubs. About 7% of the iPhone 14 series were produced in India this March and this share will likely grow with iPhone 15.

Of course, there are other factors involved. The local Foxconn facility depends on hardware imports from other countries, including China so the supply chain still needs time to adjust and optimize operations.

Reports claim that other suppliers like Pegatron and Wistron sold their factories to Tata Group in India and will begin iPhone 15 production real soon.