Gmail’s upcoming feature is the inbox upgrade we’ve been waiting for

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One Gmail inbox for everything we need


  • Gmail is working on a subscription management feature that promises to help you declutter your inbox.
  • The feature will intelligently categorize senders by email frequency, making it simple to spot potential spam and forgotten subscriptions.
  • It will gather all your subscriptions in one place and provide an easy unsubscribe option.

We all know how it goes: a tempting discount pops up in exchange for your email address, or a website subtly forces you to opt in to receive updates. Before you know it, you’ve forgotten to unsubscribe, and your inbox is overflowing with thousands of unread messages. Gmail‘s upcoming feature aims to give users more control over this common problem.

Google is seemingly developing a new “Manage Subscriptions” feature for the Gmail inbox, designed to isolate and organize the barrage of newsletters and promotional emails that often contribute to inbox chaos.

First reported by PiunikaWeb, a recent Gmail app update (version 2024.04.07.622678535.Release) reveals how the feature will likely function. The Manage Subscriptions option will be available in Gmail’s sidebar and will analyze your email patterns to categorize frequent subscription emails intelligently.

Based on the strings found in the code, the subscriptions would be categorized based on who sends you less than ten emails a quarter, between 10 and 20, or more than 20. This categorization should make it simple to pinpoint potential spammers or subscriptions you might have forgotten about.

More importantly, the filter will consolidate all your active email subscriptions into one easily accessible place. Additionally, an unsubscribe button will be available directly with the sender’s name and logo, allowing you to opt out of unwanted subscriptions quickly.

gmail going to introduce manage subscriptions in one place

While the feature is still under development, there have been other signs of its imminent release. Reddit users have reported seeing a pop-up announcement about the Manage Subscriptions feature. However, tapping on the “Try it now” button leads to an endless loading screen.

Gmail recently took a step towards better subscription management by adding a convenient unsubscribe button on its mobile apps. The new subscription management feature builds upon that, promising an even more streamlined way to declutter your inbox and maybe even make the dream of Inbox Zero come true.

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