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Google Ads Users Experience Temporary Disruption To Services

Some Google Ads users encountered an inconvenient service disruption earlier today.

Customers reported an error message when using the service: “Google Ads can’t complete your request right now.”

The issue escalated on social media platforms, specifically Twitter, where users aired grievances.

Google AdsLiaison, the company’s dedicated communication channel for such concerns, promptly acknowledged the incident and reassured users that a resolution was being sought.

Less than an hour after the initial outbreak of complaints, Google AdsLiaison followed up with an update, announcing that the issue was resolved. The relief was palpable as users expressed gratitude for the swift action taken.

Details of the problem were documented on the Google Ads Status Dashboard, a public log used for tracking the operational status of the service.

The dashboard noted that the issue began at 5:07 PM UTC on August 3, 2023, and was expected to be resolved by 6:00 PM UTC. This prognosis, however, was clarified as an estimate that might change as the situation evolved.

At 5:31 PM UTC, less than half an hour after the issue was logged, the problem was confirmed to have been rectified.

Google Ads Users Experience Temporary Disruption To ServicesScreenshot from Google, August 2023

The swift resolution was likely a great relief for those who rely on Google Ads.

Given advertisers’ reliance on the Google Ads platform, disruptions could significantly affect business operations and marketing campaigns.

Such incidents underscore the importance of constant monitoring of ad performance and having contingency plans in place for platform outages.

Featured image: Primakov/Shutterstock