Google Chrome update brings useful search improvements on mobile

Google announced this week that improvements to search features are rolling out to Chrome mobile. Some of these new features will only be available on Android, while others will be available on both iOS and Android devices.

The most important one is related to search. Depending on whether or not a website is compatible with this new Chrome feature, you’ll be able to see relevant search suggestions when you click on the browser’s address bar. A new section called “Related to this page” shows up when you click on Chrome’s address bar to provide you with suggestions for other searches related to the page you’re currently reading.

It makes searching for more information about what you’re reading much easier and completely removes the need to open a new page and type new search words that might or might not give you the answers you need.

If you love knowing what’s trending at any given time and you own an Android device, you can now see trending Google searches directly in the Chrome address bar. You can just simply open a new tab in the browser, tap the address bar and scroll down to see what’s trending.

Clicking on a trending search will allow you to see search results for that topic and even learn more about it. Although this feature is not yet available for iOS users, Google says that it will release it later this year.

Another useful addition to Chrome is not really a new feature but an improvement to an existing one. Touch to Search, a feature that allows users to quickly search a word or phrase directly from a webpage, is getting a small upgrade.

Android users can now find related searches using Touch to Search. When you now tap and hold on a word, you’ll get a carousel at the bottom of the webpage that shows related searches. This is only available on Android.

Finally, the search suggestions feature on Chrome for iOS is getting a small upgrade too. Instead of six suggestions showing up when you start typing in the Chrome address bar, you’ll now be given 10. Of course, the most relevant will appear at the top, but you can scroll down for more options if you’re not content with what you get. This feature is already available on Android, but iOS users can now enjoy it too.