Google ordered to pay $338 million in Chromecast patent infringement case

What you need to know

  • Touchstream allegedly made the ability to share screens from smartphones to smart TVs before Google released Chromecasts.
  • The company claims the technology was patented in 2010.
  • Google released the Chromecasts in 2013, apparently infringing Touchstream’s patents.
  • Google denies claims and is ready to appeal the jury’s decision.

Google has apparently violated a software developer’s patents related to remote streaming technology, and now the search giant has been ordered to pay $338.7 million in damages, according to Reuters.

On Friday, the verdict came from a federal Jury in Waco, Texas. The lawsuit dates back to 2021, filed by Touchstream, a New York-based company alleging that its founder David Strober invented a technology in 2010 that allows videos to move from smartphones to larger smart TVs, which is basically what Google’s Chromecast does.