Google wants iPhone switchers to know ‘It’s all good’ on Android

Getting iPhone owners to switch to Android is Google’s perennial aim, and its latest advertising campaign is trying an “It’s all good” approach/tagline.

This five-video series is aiming to make the case that switching to Android from an iPhone is a simple, worry-free process because of the work Google has done. The full tagline is “It’s all good with Google on Android.”

Google is focusing on four areas with very short 15-second clips that are ideal for YouTube ads:

  • Privacy & Security: Play Protect, which scans apps installed on your device for malware, is touted as providing “proactive protection.” It can prompt you to remove harmful apps or do it automatically, depending on the threat.
  • Emoji Reactions: Part of Google Messages, that feature is meant to address those “worried texting won’t be as fun if you switch to Android.” You can reply to SMS/RCS messages with any emoji. There is, of course, no iMessage on the Google OS.
  • Transfer Photos: “When you transfer your data to Android, we make a copy of your photos, files, contacts and apps — that means everything is safe on your old iPhone.” Google released a new Switch to Android app last year, but interestingly, the company doesn’t explicitly tout Google Photos backup.
  • Device Compatibility: “Android phones connect to your favorite speakers, headphones, smart home devices, and more. And they’re easy to pair.” With the exception of HomePods, most smart home and entertainment devices offer both Android and iOS companion apps. Meanwhile, Bluetooth is universal.

Each ends on a “Switch and Do More” screen that shows an assortment of devices: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5/4, Flip 5/4, S23 Ultra, Google Pixel 7 Pro, and Pixel Fold, which helps emphasize the different form factors found on Android.

Meanwhile, Google is using the new Android wordmark, which we first spotted in June, throughout. “Google on Android” is particularly interesting, with past campaigns, especially those featuring Samsung, highlighting first-party services running on third-party hardware. 

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