Google’s AR glasses plans are just as messy as we feared

What you need to know

  • A Business Insider report details serious issues behind the scenes for Google’s mixed-reality division.
  • After canceling its Project Iris glasses, Google began a new Micro XR project codenamed “Betty.”
  • Google is still working with Samsung on an XR headset codenamed “Moohan,” but employees are reportedly skeptical about its chances.
  • A former Magic Leap CTO is creating a separate Iris spin-off for Google and is “fire-walled” from the above two projects.
  • Google hopes to release its first AR glasses by 2025. 

Since we learned that Google canned its Project Iris XR glasses, and that Samsung delayed its XR glasses — which use Google software — to better compete with the Apple Vision Pro, our hope for proper Android AR glasses has dimmed. Now, we’re even more uncertain about what to expect.

An in-depth Business Insider report (subscription required) offers quotes from frustrated Google XR employees describing an unfocused, partitioned division that’s bleeding both budget and talent.