Google’s classically awesome Pixel 7 with 256GB storage is an excellent modern bargain at $200 off

They say the classics don’t need updating, and while that generally doesn’t apply to high-end smartphones for fairly obvious reasons, some “classic” mobile devices are often more appealing to the masses than their upgraded successors.

At the right price, the 6.3-inch Pixel 7 from 2022, for instance, can be a smarter purchase than 2023’s 6.2-inch Pixel 8, especially when the latter model is not substantially marked down by any major US retailer, as is the case at the time of this writing.
The non-Pro Pixel 7, meanwhile, is currently discounted by a very generous 200 bucks from a $699 list price in a 256GB storage configuration by both Amazon and Best Buy. The only problem is this exceptional deal is unlikely to last long, as highlighted by the very limited chromatic options available at the two aforementioned retailers.

If you hurry, you can go for a “snow” flavor at Amazon or a “lemongrass” version at Best Buy at the same heavily marked-down, and as far as we know, lower-than-ever price with a hefty 256 gigs of internal storage space.

This 256GB Pixel 7, mind you, is cheaper than a 128GB Pixel 7a today, and while Google’s 2023-released mid-ranger has dropped as low as $375 in recent weeks, the slightly older high-ender feels like an overall better choice.
Although the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7a somewhat curiously come packing the same exact Google Tensor G2 processor, the former’s larger and higher-quality AMOLED display and the more premium metal-and-glass construction make it a (slightly) better phone all in all.
Despite what the numbers might suggest, the Pixel 7‘s 50 and 12MP rear-facing cameras also deliver superior real-life photography performance compared to the 64 and 13MP shooters on the 7a’s back, sealing once and for all what looks like an irresistible current offer for hardcore Google fans and Android purists on a tight budget.