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Have you ended up with laggards for your App Developments? Recover it with 50% saving in this economic slowdown.

Currently, the experience of Covid-19 is a recession, and this downturn reflects rapidly on the global economy. Businesses are facing uncertainty, yet the opportunities to outsmart are possible with differential thinking and swift decisions.

Enlighten to thrive on decisions:

  • Stuff on survival during a recession
  • The Shift in the business model and development partner
  • Progression in this scenario
  • Save up to 50% on app development

In other words, this may be to you, especially if you are into Corporate Businesses across the globe, the Start-ups and even Project Consultants. Do remember you are not standing alone!

The decisions here are important when considered to take the business forward in this doom situation, the business engagement in the usual manner may turn futile during this significant downturn with your association with laggards. Situations may seek to pull back your plans and progress which may demand a huge waiting time. At the same time, this is not an end. We can draw solutions that impend to this situation. We can help you take over the projects at any stage and work towards your dreams.

Better Lives helps businesses and new startups with,

  • 50% Savings on development cost – Get on heels to work out the cost-saving, shift your development process with us and gain 50% slash in cost.
  • Get early to market – Leverage the application development process and get to launch early to the market even in this slowdown period.
  • Competitive Success – Keep expanding and see your clients extremely happy and satisfied.
  • Collaborate in rapidity – Within a few hours embrace working with us with an effective change management plan.

What’s on perspective?

Keep the businesses moving with differential thinking of including Technology, outsourcing the projects, shift from in-house development to contract developments which cuts down the overhead costs and also delivers in expected quality and time.

Work on strategies which will cut down cost, focus on your core competencies, diversify your thinking ability and work on outsourcing your functions and projects.

If you are in business with long establishments or less than a decade or maybe a start-up or move on, the key idea is to take advantage of this downturn, and when your competitors have paused, you have to move on to maximize the gap between you and the competitor.

Other business entities, be aware that Technology can grow your business.

If you are still not prepared, you may need to know how we have transformed a few business entities towards their success.

1. A globally reputed IT/ITES client who has strategized their client’s business to actively take it on during this recession. Seeing the silver line and rapidly investing in Technology, has now launched a B2C Blockchain-enabled platform and mobile apps in half the cost of their In-house development with our off-shore development contract. They also benefitted by grabbing our exclusive up to 50% discount on all events.

2. A reputed consultant having struck with the laggard development team was affected in this lockdown to a greater extend. They sought to take up the development off-shore with us and now have gained a swifter and cost-effective release. They have launched a BI platform and mobile apps at half the cost of their In-house development, thus doing a profitable business and enjoying higher client satisfaction rating.

Do not feel ad hoc for this economic downturn, Contact us now! We are here to provide 50% Economic Slowdown Offer, Swift Market Launch, Competitive business Success and of course, a Reliable Partnership.

Make a smart move and grow your business when others don’t.