How To Cancel Hulu Subscription?

The world of entertainment has evolved beyond regular cable television. With the growing number of streaming services, a user can easily access multiple entertainment genres. Several OTT platforms have gained popularity amongst consumers with their advanced features. Amongst these platforms, Hulu has surely made a mark with its diverse content.

Like various OTT platforms, Hulu offers its users a wide range of subscription plans. These subscriptions are automatically renewed to keep the users away from the headache of manually renewing the plans. What if you want to pause or terminate the auto-renewal feature? Users won’t have to worry about this since Hulu offers several ways to cancel its plan.

To cancel your Hulu subscription, we advise you to follow this article. It offers a detailed guide to cancel Hulu subscriptions on several devices as well as third-party billing platforms.

How To Cancel A Hulu Subscription

Now that you have decided to pause or stop your journey with Hulu, you can access the site differently. Hulu is accessible on the web via desktop and mobile phones. Since the UI for each device is different, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide for canceling a Hulu subscription for each device.

Steps For Canceling Hulu on Desktop or Laptop

To use any web browser, the user has to visit Hulu.com. Users can select the login option at the homepage to access their account. After logging into the Hulu account, users can click on their profile icon. This will open a list of options where the “account” option needs to be clicked. It will open a page where account-related settings are displayed. Users will easily find the “cancel” option here. By clicking this option, a dialogue box appears where “continue to cancel” needs to be selected. By following these steps, your Hulu subscription will be canceled via desktop or laptop.

Steps For Canceling Hulu on Mobile

Hulu offers a dedicated app for smartphones to stream content and access user settings. Users can easily access the “Account” section by logging into the app. A list of user-related sections opens up where users can again select the “account” option to access account details. The app would prompt the user to enter the password for safety. Upon entering the password, the app will open the account section and the user can access all the options. Upon scrolling down, the “cancel your subscription” option appears. The user’s Hulu subscription will be canceled by clicking the cancel button next to this option.

Canceling Hulu Subscription Via Third-Party Billing Platforms

Hulu allows users to subscribe to its plans via multiple third-party billing platforms. Selecting Hulu services from these platforms is easy, but canceling the script might confuse a user. Depending on the different platforms, the cancellation process changes. We have explained the cancellation process for several third-party billing platforms below to assist users.

1. iTunes

If users of Apple products want to cancel their Hulu subscription, they can proceed via iTunes. Users can directly access the accounts section by visiting iTunes on their Apple device. Here, users can scroll down the settings page to find the “subscriptions” section. The “manage” button next to the subscription section opens a list of active subscriptions. By locating the Hulu subscription, users can select the edit option. The cancellation options are found here which can be activated. This will cancel the user’s Hulu subscription until reactivation.

2. AmazonPay

If users have an Amazon account connected with Hulu, the process for cancellation is done via AmazonPay. Users can log in to their AmazonPay account via the app or website. By selecting the “check your AmazonPay orders” section, the merchant’s agreement tab appears. By accessing this option, the user has to select the manage merchant settings. The option for canceling a subscription appears in the settings menu under Hulu’s section. Following the cancellation formalities, the Hulu subscription is paused or terminated.

3. Disney Bundle

The Disney Bundle is a subscription plan which includes Hulu, Disney+, and other services. To remove Hulu from the bundle, users have to first visit the Disney+ website. By logging into the account, users have to access the account section. This section contains details about Disney Bundle including cancellation. By canceling the bundle subscription, Hulu is removed from Disney Bundle.

4. Verizon’s Disney Bundle

The cancellation process changes if users have opted for Disney Bundle via a Verizon account. Users have to login into their Verizon account via the My Verizon website. Users can access the “apps and add-ons” section by selecting the account option from the homepage. The Disney Bundle can be seen active here. Users can access the “cancel subscription” option by clicking on the manage option. Users can click on the “remove Disney bundle” option by carefully reviewing the displayed message.

5. Xfinity

Users can cancel the subscription via their streaming box when they have subscribed to Hulu via Xfinity. Users can view the “apps and subscription management” menu in the settings section. Users can also access Hulu via voice commands (simply say “manage Hulu” to the voice remote). The details related to subscriptions and other options are displayed. Clicking on the unsubscribe option activates the cancellation process. With confirmation, Hulu is removed from Xfinity.

6. Roku

Roku offers cancellation of Hulu via an app as well as their website. Users can access the “manage subscription” section by using their app on a device. By clicking on the “cancel subscription” user can initiate the subscription termination process. The same process can be followed on the Roku website to terminate the Hulu subscription.

7. Spotify

Users must log into their Spotify account via the Spotify website to initiate the cancellation process. Climbing on the profile icon, the account section becomes visible. This section opens several account-related settings, including the “manage plan” option. By clicking on the “change or cancel ” option, several plans are loaded on the screen. By clicking on the “remove Hulu” option, Spotify terminates Hulu-linked plans.

Canceling Hulu On Other Platforms

1. Cancel Hulu Add-Ons For Other Channels

Users can visit Hulu’s website and sign in to their account. A menu, including the account section, is shown by clicking on their profile name. The account section contains the menu for subscriptions. Here, users can manage multiple add-ons associated with Hulu. Users can view and cancel any add-on they want, including other channels.

2. Canceling Hulu On Playstation 4

Several video game brands support Hulu on their gaming consoles and systems. Sony’s PlayStation 4 also supports video streaming via Hulu. You can simply access the settings menu to terminate Hulu plans on your PS4. Under the account management tab, users can access the account information section. This section includes several settings along with PlayStation subscriptions. By checking this option, the Hulu plan can be viewed and canceled.

3. Canceling Hulu From Your Cable

The cable providers offer Hulu via their services. It is easy for a user to deactivate Hulu from their cable. Users can simply contact the cable company to terminate Hulu from their account. Users can also login into their cable account to view and cancel Hulu. Most of the time, Hulu comes as an add-on and hence easy to remove from your account.

4. Canceling Hulu Before The Free Trial Ends

Hulu offers a free trial period to their new users. This period offers new users limited or full access to Hulu’s premium features. At the end of the free trial, the membership automatically converts to a paid one, with users billed for the subscription. If users do not wish to continue with Hulu after the free trial, they can opt out of the trial program. By visiting Hulu’s website, users can access their account details. Under the subscription tab, users can cancel their free trial from Hulu.

Managing Hulu Subscription

Apart from cancellation, Hulu offers other options to manage your subscriptions. Users can opt to pause, change, or even refund their subscriptions. All these options are explained below in detail.

1. Pausing Your Subscription

If users just want to pause and resume their subscription after some time, the pause option comes to their rescue. It temporarily suspends the Hulu subscription for users to prevent auto-renewal of plans. Users get up to 12 weeks to pause their subscription. This option can be found in the “your subscription” section of the user’s account.

2. Changing Your Subscription

Hulu offers several plans, including ads, no-ads, live TV, etc features. Users wishing to upgrade or downgrade their current subscription can simply do it via the “change” option. Visiting the account section, users can select a different plan. The user’s current plan is changed by reviewing and accepting the changes.

3. Refunding Your Subscription

If a user is unhappy with their Hulu subscription, they can request a refund. Users must be aware that Hulu approved refunds only under certain situations. Users can contact Hulu’s customer care via call or the support section to seek a refund. By stating your problem, you can help the customer executive in understanding why you qualify for a refund. If the refund stands legal according to Hulu’s terms and conditions, users will get their money back within a week.

How To Cancel Hulu – FAQs

1. What happens when you cancel a Hulu subscription?

Ans: Whenever a user cancels a Hulu subscription, the auto-renewal feature stops. The user can access content on the Hulu platform before the next billing date. Once the renewal date passes, the user will be notified to subscribe to a plan to access content on Hulu.

2. How long can a user access Hulu after ending their subscription?

Ans: When a user cancels a subscription, Hulu allows the user to access its content till the next billing date. The user can enjoy all the perks of a Hulu subscription during the billing period. When this period ends, users cannot access premium features on Hulu.

3. How does Hulu and Hulu Live TV differ from each other?

Ans: With Hulu, users get 24×7 access to on-demand content. Hulu offers this service with both ads and ad-free plans. On the other hand, Hulu Live TV acts as the regular broadcaster for several channels. This includes sports, daily shows, cartoons, etc.

4. How many devices can simultaneously stream via Hulu?

Ans: Depending on the type of plan, the maximum device support varies for Hulu. With its “Live TV” plan, users can stream content on 2 screens simultaneously. If a user wants to stream Hulu on multiple devices, Hulu offers an “unlimited screen add-on” with additional charges.

5. Can you get Hulu for free?

Ans: Users can enjoy the free content on Hulu with its free trial option. The trial plan enables the user with several perks for streaming under a limited period. Free trials are combined with a payment method to start the subscription when the trial ends.


Streaming your favorite content has become easy in recent years thanks to the OTT platforms like Hulu. Users can stream their favorite shows on their TV, desktop, or even mobile. With subscriptions, Hulu offers special features to their users like better video quality, ad-free content, etc. Since subscriptions come at a certain cost, users must be aware of pausing or canceling them. This article explains how Hulu subscriptions can be canceled over certain devices and billing platforms. We have also offered information on pausing and changing subscriptions if the user does not want to terminate their Hulu plans.