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Delaware has so many awesome places to take flight with a drone, from Moores Lake to Big Oak County Park, Kesselring County Park, and Bennett’s Pier Beach.

You can’t legally launch a drone in The First State without a license, so how do you get one?

Here’s how to get a drone license in Delaware:

  • Know the FAA’s criteria
  • Make an IACRA account for your FAA Tracking Number
  • Search and register for the exam at a Knowledge Testing Center
  • Prepare for the exam
  • Take the Part 107 test and pass
  • Send in Form 8710-13 and get your certificate

This beginner’s guide to obtaining a drone license in Delaware will provide all the information you need to test for your commercial certificate.

You’ll understand how to use the IACRA site to obtain your FTN (and what an FTN is) and how to study for the Part 107 exam.

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Here’s how to obtain a drone license in Delaware

This guide is all about earning a Part 107 certificate, which is the official commercial drone license issued by the FAA.

You need a commercial license when using your drone in any professional capacity, aka not having fun in a local park or your backyard.

Hobbyists only need a TRUST certificate, which is a lot easier to obtain by comparison.

Okay, so how do you get your hands on a commercial drone license in Delaware? Let’s review the steps.

Know the FAA’s criteria

The FAA only issues licenses to proven safe pilots. By far, the most important eligibility requirement is passing the Unmanned Aircraft General – Small (UAG) exam.

However, you can’t test for a commercial FAA license until you’re 16. Further, the FAA requires pilots to fully comprehend English and be deemed mentally and physically capable of operating a drone.

Make an IACRA account to get your FAA Tracking Number

How do you register for the Part 107 exam? You need an FAA Tracking Number, also called an FTN.

Each new pilot who enters the FAA’s system receives an FTN. It’s your unique identifier you’ll use across FAA aviation activities.

You can’t get an FTN until you register on the Integrated Airman Certificate and Rating Application website. IACRA is an internet rating application site through the FAA. You can register on the IACRA site for free.

Signing up is easy. Click this link, then click the option marked “register” near the login box in the upper right corner.

Check off the applicant role, then select any pertinent instructors, admins, or certifying officers. Read through the IACRA terms of service and agree.

 Now you move on to the second page of registration. You won’t have FAA certificate information yet, so keep scrolling to the section marked personal information. Input this information, then navigate to the security questions.

You must create two unique security questions and answers. Then you can choose a username and password. You will officially register your account when you click the green button.

Wait for an email from IACRA confirming your account creation. The email will also contain your FTN. You can find your FTN at any time in your IACRA profile.

Search and register for an exam at an FAA Knowledge Testing Center

You’re now ready to move on to the next step, which is booking your Part 107 exam date and time.

You must take the FAA exam in person at a Knowledge Testing Center. The FAA selects testing facilities across the country that administer the commercial drone exam.

You can search for a Knowledge Testing Center in your part of Delaware by visiting the PSI website here. PSI is an FAA testing partner.

Select Find a Test Center on the PSI website. Next, input your postal code, country, and type of exam, then click the blue search button. You will see all the Knowledge Testing Centers near you.

However, you can’t register to take the commercial drone exam yet. First, you must create a PSI account.

Navigate to the home screen on the PSI website. You must input your full name and FTN before proceeding with registration. PSI requires this to verify your identity.

You can register for your FAA exam once you have an account.

Prepare for the exam

You might have noticed as you register for the Unmanned Aircraft General – Small (UAG) exam that you have to pay a $165 fee. That’s required each time you take the FAA commercial drone exam.

It’s not a cheap test, especially if you have to pay to take it more than once. Aspiring drone pilots can let their nerves get in the way or not study enough. They don’t pass the first time around, and they have to keep shelling out more money.

I hope I can prevent you from doing that by recommending some excellent study resources. Here is a collection of our favorite drone courses for beginners. As you scroll through, you’ll see an exceptional selection of remote pilot test prep classes.

Do you have to pay extra for these courses? Yes, but they’re available at different price points, and you can often keep your materials for life.

The sheer wealth of material you get and the practice quizzes and access to professionals (like real FAA pilots) make any of these courses worth your while.

Additionally, these FAA commercial drone exam prep courses offer guarantees that you’ll pass the first time or your money back plus what you paid to take the exam so you can use the money toward your next attempt.

I truly can’t recommend these resources enough for first-time pilots who don’t want to take any chances.

Take the Part 107 exam and pass

Test day will be here before you know it. Hopefully, you got a good night’s rest and have time to eat a nutritious, filling meal so you have the fuel to do your best on the Part 107 exam.

What should you bring with you? You must have a government-issued photo ID such as a driver’s license.

You can also carry tools like protractors and plotters, but much of the materials required will be provided to you. For instance, you will receive blank paper and a pencil.

The Part 107 exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions on FAA rules and regulations, including drone loading, weather protocols, and monitoring performance.

You will have two and a half hours to answer all the questions. You must answer 42 questions correctly to score at least 70 percent, which is what the FAA requires for you to pass.

The test will be difficult, so make sure you treat yourself when you finish. Try to forget about the exam if you can, as you might have to wait up to three weeks for your results to go live.

Your test results will be posted on IACRA.

Send in Form 8710-13 and get your certificate

Did you pass the FAA exam? Congratulations! You’re now ready to print out Form 8710-13, which you can access on IACRA’s website.

This FAA form is a temporary commercial certificate. You will receive your true drone license in the mail from the FAA. However, since this can take well over a month, you can use the temporary license in the interim.

Log into the IACRA website. Navigate to the option entitled Start New Application. Choose pilot for your type of application, then remote pilot under the certifications option. Pick Other Path Information and start your application.

You will receive application prompts, which you can follow until you’re required to electronically sign. You will receive a confirmation email after you pass your TSA background check.

The email will contain your temporary commercial drone license and instructions on how to print it.

I have my commercial drone license in Delaware – Now what?

You have your commercial drone license in Delaware, but you still have to do a few more things before you begin flying.

Have you registered your drone yet? All commercial drones require FAA registration. It only costs $5 to register your drone, and it’s good for the next three years.

You must also know the drone laws in the great state of Delaware. You can learn everything you need to know via the link below.

MORE>> Drone Laws in Delaware

Delaware requires commercial pilots to follow federal drone laws. You must also avoid using your drone in Delaware state parks or during events with crowds larger than 5,000 according to state laws.

Locally, Bethany Beach has enacted ordinances preventing pilots from using a drone in certain conditions, so read up if you live or are visiting here.

Your commercial drone certificate is only valid for two years from when it’s issued to you. The FAA set this expiry date so pilots have a reason to stay current on the latest regulations.

Before April 2021, you had to retake the Part 107 exam each time you wanted to recertify, which was a real drag (and expensive too).

New drone pilots are in luck, and you can now recertify for free from the comfort of your own home by taking an online FAA exam. You must answer every question right, but that’s easier than it sounds considering you will see wrong answers as you go and can change them to the right answer.

Learn more about renewing your commercial drone certificate here.