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How to passionately focus on Result-Oriented competency?

It is apparent that the organization, the team or individual will procure only what they focus on and when their focus is on the results it is bound to be successful with the right strategy, improved performance and tangible outcomes.  

The Result oriented approach is essential to the organization which finds positive annual reports and their financial status is towards the profit acceleration. As a base point when the team and the organization concentrate on the result orientation it is sure to deliver optimistic outcomes to the company and its stakeholders.  The common core values which most companies adhere to deliver results driven performance are: 

Meet your commitments, ensure the plan is executed.”
“Take ownership, deliver measurable results”.
“Meet the expectations, strive constantly to achieve.”
“Focus on results, exceed expectations constantly”

 Based on the training and observation built on the team, the company requires setting the performance goals to the team and the individuals focusing on the differentiated results and significant achievements. 

Result- oriented goal setting by the management: 

The teams and the individuals are dedicated to work on the goals set by the management and to achieve them effectively exceeding the expectations.  

  • Expressive are the intense of the tasks and the challenges involved in the tasks needs a brilliant allocation where in the team is expected to handle it with the result orientation. 
  • Identify the teams and the members for the task allocation. 
  • Bring in clear vision of the project and help out with the complete understanding with the depth of the project. 
  • Brainstorm the ways the expected challenges can be handled and share the suggestion to the right path of the flow of structuring the interest and the efforts.  
  • Active communication with the team, prioritizing the actions, executing prompt support is essential. 
  • Smart execution plans, swift approvals from the management are mandatory. 
  • Take care of the conflicts if any and focus on the responsibility shift if required. 
  • Supply encouragement, recognition, motivation and appreciations abundantly. 
  • When the management takes care of the systematic result-oriented goal setting to its team and the company, the achievements are in pipeline and can be experienced by the stake holders much earlier.  
  • When the management discharges its role towards the result oriented planning, the team and the individuals require to proactively performing by exceeding the expectations. 

Result oriented goal setting by the employees: 

It is important to clearly understand the result oriented goals established by the company for you and the team you work in, master the core skills which is required to support the achievements.

Create a deep sense of understanding 

  • Talk to the team on whole and understand the company goals, vision, team goals and your part of execution. 
  • Keep things straight forward that gets the clarifications with the complete understanding. 
  • It becomes the first step to knowing the exact plan and acceptance of your goals. 
  • Also, it is the time to realize the possibilities of your skills that go with the expectations of the objectives set for you. Never over-estimate yourself here. 
  • Realize your performance is effective to the others in your team and the project as a whole. 

Support with your skills at all verticals: 

  • Be it any type of skill; make sure to enhance your skills for even critical handling.  
  • Grab the necessary resources to enhance your potential and that which is required for your increase in productivity and efficiency.  
  • Understand the project verticals, your aligned team, expectations form the management, team and the peer groups as well. 

Achieve your skills autonomously: 

  • Set your independent standards and stay motivated to exceed the expectations.  
  • Compete with all members in your team and peer groups as well. 
  • Make sure not to rely on external factors for your achievement and never make excuses to your performance. 

Adopt transformation to better communication: 

  • This is primarily crucial and practicing better communication leads to the overall success of the organization. Corrections, clarification and misunderstanding are waste of time which is not affordable and that leads to complications. 
  • Relevant information needs to be exchanged between each other in the organization. 
  • Be precise with clarity and promptness is the core expectations for the result orientation.  
  • Adapt to systems, use the right mode of communication and set the required reminders till the acknowledgement is experienced.  

Focus, accelerate and accept: 

  • During the progress of the project, it is obvious evaluation is a part of the project. Make sure at every step you pick up a self-evaluation of your performance.  
  • Further your performance shall be evaluated based on the performance results and the set targets.  
  • Accept the comments of your performance evaluation from the relevant department. Check on the modes of improvement.  
  • When the assessment goes positive and been appreciated with more tasks and responsibility, you should go for it and actively engage in the overall success of the organization. 
  • On the other hand, when the reviews stands to be suppression to your further performance and needs a skill development course, accept the situation positively and go for self-improvements as suggested.  

Over all, composed with the organization, the team and the individual has to identify the difference between the achievement and the results. The result oriented achievement comes to being with effective planning, reviews at every stage, result oriented actions and the optimistic attitude towards the result oriented achievements.  

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