Image sensor excels in difficult lighting

With improved sensitivity and minimized readout noise, Omnivision’s OS08C10 8-Mpixel image sensor is well-suited for home and professional security cameras. The sensor provides both staggered high dynamic range (HDR) and single-exposure dual analog gain (DAG) for capturing images in challenging lighting environments.

The OS08C10 is a backside illuminated (BSI) sensor built on the company’s PureCell Plus-S stacked die technology. Its 1.45-µm BSI pixel supports 4K2K resolution and frame rates of 60 fps with power consumption of just 300 mW. The image sensor also employs a small 1/2.8-in. optical format commonly used in security, IoT, and action cameras.

Staggered HDR extends dynamic range in both bright and low light, while single-exposure DAG HDR reduces motion artifacts. Selective conversion gain technology ensures optimal image quality and best signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) across all lighting conditions. The OS08C10 features on-chip defective pixel correction, as well as correlated multisampling to further reduce readout noise and improve SNR1.

The OS08C10 image sensor is sampling now and will be in mass production in Q1 2024.

OS08C10 product page


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