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India Ranked 1 in AI Skill & Talent Among OECD and G20 Nations

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, one skill has emerged as the shining star: Artificial Intelligence (AI). With its massive tech workforce, India has taken the lead in the AI skills race. The country’s tech-savvy professionals are embracing AI, reshaping their careers, and driving innovation across industries. A report by the National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) highlights India’s leadership in the AI domain. The nation ranks first in AI skill penetration and AI talent concentration among all OECD and G20 countries. This article speaks of how India achieved these heights in AI and the job landscape in this domain.

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Nasscom's AI report ranks India on top in AI skill penetration & talent concentration among all OECD and G20 countries, promising more jobs.

India’s AI Leadership: Rankings and Recognition

The Nasscom report showcases its commitment to AI integration. Additionally, India secured the fifth spot globally for AI scientific publications, underscoring its contributions to AI research. India has the highest AI Skills Penetration Factor among G20 and OECD nations, measuring 3.09. This indicator shows that compared to other countries, Indian tech talent is three times more likely to possess AI skills.

A Resounding Uptick: India’s AI Skills Boom

The buzz around generative AI going mainstream has sparked a wave of skills enhancement. The LinkedIn platform has witnessed an astounding 14x increase in the number of Indians adding AI skills to their profiles since January 2016. This surge underscores the growing importance of AI in the professional arena.

India is a tech powerhouse with a tech-savvy workforce of 47 lakh professionals. Yet, despite its substantial tech talent pool, the nation is facing a pressing issue—a scarcity of AI experts. The demand for AI skills has surged, indicating the transformative power of AI in various sectors.

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India ranks on top in AI skill penetration & talent concentration among all OECD and G20 countries.

The Demand-Supply Dilemma: India’s Quest for AI Talent

While India boasts 416,000 professionals engaged in AI and data science, a stark gap of 213,000 professionals is predicted to widen in the coming years. The World Economic Forum’s projection of a 22% shift in India’s job landscape further accentuates the importance of emerging AI roles.

Companies are leaving no stone unturned to secure AI experts. Job postings for generative AI roles surged by 50% within a year, accompanied by a staggering 12,300% increase in job searches for these positions. The demand for AI talent is undeniable, and enterprises are willing to offer substantial rewards to attract and retain these experts.

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AI jobs in India is on the boom with more opportunities to come up in the future.

Bridging the Gap: India’s AI Evolution

As of August 2022, India’s demand for data science and AI professionals stood at 629,000, while the talent base reached 416,000. Despite this substantial pool, the country has a 51% demand-supply gap. This gap, although significant, is notably lower than that of major economies like the US.

India’s AI job landscape is dominated by five prominent roles: ML engineer, data engineer, data scientist, data architect, and DevOps engineer. These roles collectively account for 73% of all AI job openings nationwide. With over 1.6 million digital talent pools, India is emerging as a global talent hub.

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Nasscom's AI report ranks India on top in AI skill & talent, promising more jobs in the domain.

Regional Variations: AI Salaries Across India

Bangalore, often called the Silicon Valley of India, boasts the highest salaries for machine learning (ML) experts. In contrast, Chennai’s average ML salaries are 5% below the national average. This variance showcases the regional nuances in AI compensation.

Various AI roles come with diverse compensation packages. Machine learning engineers, data analysts, and AI researchers are in high demand, fetching impressive salaries. Computer vision engineers, AI product managers, and AI consultants also witness a surge in demand and compensation.

Beyond Borders: Global Opportunities for AI Experts

Beyond India’s borders, AI experts are commanding high salaries globally. Roles like AI-focused product managers at Netflix offer compensation exceeding six figures, showcasing the global demand for AI expertise. Tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Goldman Sachs are willing to invest substantially in AI and ML experts.

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AI for everyone in India | G20 summit | NASSCOM AI report

The AI revolution is fueling innovation in India’s startup ecosystem. More than 1,900 AI-focused startups are providing solutions in conversational AI, natural language processing (NLP), video analytics, disease detection, fraud prevention, and deep fake detection. These startups are playing a crucial role in driving AI adoption and transformation.

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Our Say

India’s surge in AI skills and talent is not just a passing trend; it’s a testament to the nation’s dedication to tech advancement. Nasscom’s AI report showing India to be ahead of other G20 countries is another reason why the nation must rightfully host the G20 summit in 2023. As the demand for AI professionals grows, India stands at the forefront, leading the AI skills race. With its robust tech ecosystem, diverse talent pool, and growing AI startups, India is poised to drive innovation and shape the future of AI on a global scale.