iSentek’s Cutting-Edge E-compass Sets New Standards with Dynamic Range Breakthrough 

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Taiwan’s leading magnetic sensor provider iSentek is ready to introduce its latest e-compass series, IST8320. This advanced device is anticipated to establish itself as a preeminent e-compass, boasting an expansive dynamic range of up to 10 miliTesla (mT). 

The inherent limitations of previous e-compass magnetometers 

It’s crucial to recognize the deficiencies of older generation e-compass magnetometers that have hindered the full potential of smartphone navigation. These legacy devices, while remarkable in their own right, were fraught with limitations. 

Chief among these drawbacks was their limited sensitivity, typically maxing out at a range of 3-5 mT. This restriction significantly hampered their ability to provide precise orientation data, especially in environments with strong magnetic fields. The consequences? Unreliable navigation apps and augmented reality experiences, a far cry from the seamless integration we demand from our smartphones. 

In addition, previously, magnetometers often succumbed to magnetic interference from nearby electronic components for smartphones such as magnetic pens, wireless charging rings, speakers, and voice coil motors. This interference caused compass readings to skew, leaving users disoriented and manufacturers grappling with the challenge of design layouts that could mitigate this issue. 

The figure below demonstrates the influence of the charging ring regarding magnetic field interference on the smartphone. 

Figure 1: Magnetic scan images illustrate charging ring impact on smartphone magnetic field (Source: iSentek)

Feature highlights of IST8320 magnetometer  

iSentek’s IST8320 magnetometer is poised to revolutionize the smartphone industry. iSentek’s latest design redefines the boundaries of what’s possible in magnetometry, offering the widest dynamic range ever witnessed in a magnetometer, with an astonishing capability to detect magnetic fields up to 10 mT (typical range is 7 mT). 

At the core of the IST8320’s differentiation is its state-of-the-art Hall sensor technology, capable of delivering unparalleled accuracy even in the presence of strong magnetic fields and electronic interference. This means that smartphone users can now enjoy precise and reliable compass data, opening up a world of possibilities for augmented reality gaming, location-based services, and navigation applications. 

Applications in the smartphone market 

The IST8320 magnetometer promises to be a game-changer in the smartphone market, endowing manufacturers with a powerful tool to enhance user experiences. From augmented reality applications that seamlessly blend the digital and physical worlds to navigation with precision hitherto unattainable, the IST8320 sets a new standard for e-compass technology in smartphones. 

With its exceptional sensitivity and dynamic range, along with its built-in FIFO function and compact design, gone are the days of bewildering compass readings and labyrinthine design layouts to evade magnetic interference. The IST8320 beckons a bright future where smartphones cease to be mere communication devices and instead emerge as unwavering guides in our digital journey. 

Figure 2: Features of iSentek’s Next-Gen IST8320 Magnetometer (Source: iSentek)

A glimpse into the future 

iSentek continues to develop Hall effect, AMR and TMR technologies, which utilize different operating principles and are tailor-made to meet the unique demands of diverse markets. This underscores iSentek’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and offering a diverse range of solutions. 

As we navigate an ever more connected world, iSentek’s IST8320 magnetometer promises a future marked by precision, reliability and a dash of magic. Its launch will mark a seismic shift in ecompass technology, the moment when smartphones truly become our trusted companions in the digital realm. 

With the IST8320 magnetometer, iSentek reaffirms its position as an innovator determined to reshape the future. Brace yourselves for a smartphone experience like no other – a new era of precise, reliable, and groundbreaking navigation is upon us. 

More about iSentek

iSentek is a fabless IC design house that was founded in 2011 with headquarters in Xizhi, New Taipei City, Taiwan, and has extended its presence to key locations for sales offices, including Shenzhen and Shanghai (China) and Fremont (California). iSentek is known for its expertise in magnetic sensing technology. The company’s strengths include both high-quality integration products and customized solutions. 

iSentek offers four main product categories, each with its unique capabilities: 

  • Magnetic Sensors: iSentek’s magnetic sensors provide precise geomagnetic pointing, collaborating with gyros and GPS systems to detect motion. They are used in mobile phones, wearables, robots, and aircraft, featuring minimal hysteresis and high output frequency characteristics. 
  • Position Sensors: Designed for precision, iSentek’s position sensors find applications in robotics, automotive systems, and industrial automation. They ensure real-time feedback for advanced control systems. 
  • Switches: iSentek’s switch technology offers reliable and responsive solutions for consumer electronics, automotive systems, and industrial machinery, delivering efficient control in a compact, durable design. 
  • Current Sensors: Essential for monitoring and controlling electrical systems, iSentek’s current sensors are crucial in power management, renewable energy systems, and electric vehicle charging. They offer high accuracy and exceptional linearity for precise leakage current measurement. 

iSentek’s mission is to advance magnetic sensing technology, meeting the evolving demands of a dynamic market while maintaining an unwavering commitment to innovation and product excellence. 

For more information and details on the latest magnetic sensor solutions by iSentek, please contact sales@isentek.com or visit our official website.