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LBaaS in VMware Cloud Director

VMware Cloud Director 10.5 is GA now with plenty of new exciting features. Amongst these new features are the continued integration enhancements with VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer, which is of significant importance to Cloud Providers who offer Load Balancer as a Service.

You can learn more about this integration and its benefits from this video.

Before 10.5, as part of self-servicing the LBaaS, tenant administrators could create directly through the VMware Cloud Director UI the following:

  • Server pools with a default port, load balancer algorithm, health monitor(s), etc.
  • Virtual services with their applicable type, VIP, ports, etc. 

In VMware Cloud Director 10.5, a new item has been added to the list of tenant configurable settings – HTTP policies per virtual service.

Organization Administrators can now define:

  • HTTP Request policies to allow manipulation of HTTP requests. These requests may be modified before they are forwarded to the server.
  • HTTP Response policies to evaluate responses from the server and can be used to modify the server’s response headers.
  • HTTP Security policies to enforce additional security measures.

You can find a wide variety of match criteria and actions to choose from for each policy type which provides excellent flexibility to the operation of the virtual services.

Creating a new policy is as easy as clicking on the three dots next to a virtual service and selecting Configure Policies.

You can switch between the different policy types and define new rules for each. Also, multiple policies of different types can be combined if needed.

Note: This was also possible before but only performed by the System Administrator directly in the NSX Advanced Load Balancer UI.  Now we bring this self-service capability to the end user tenants.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates on VMware Cloud Director and its integration with VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer.

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