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Link Sellers Full Of Shit

Link Sellers Full Of Shit

With paid links staying one of the most reliable (albeit quite risky) methods of acquiring links, there is no shortage of those catering to the industry of selling links. There is no shortage of scams, either. However, some are just outrageously ridiculous and are guaranteed to insult most people’s intelligence.

Just had a look at yet another “service” with a setup along the lines of the old Text Link Ads brokerage (you sign in, search for whatever you need, pay the price, get your link placed). Here is what I saw there:

Nevermind the fact that there are only less than 100 PR 9 sites out there and I have no idea how something that obscure could end up on that list (unless of course it’s a fake PR). Here is what causes that PR9 apparently:

11 backlinks off 3 domains? SRSLY???
You think your clients are complete eejits?

Here is some more of their “inventory”, equally hilarious:

Fancy a link off Google Analytics home page, anyone? Oh, and while you’re at it, don’t forget to report Google Analytics to Google for selling links ?

UPDATE: Oh shit, it’s even 10 not 9… I guess my brain just refused to process that much bullshit. Back when I used to play with fake pagerank sites I never spoofed anything higher than 6, it’s just not credible beyond that.