Looks like Samsung finally fixed its camera lag problem

What you need to know

  • The Galaxy Z Fold 5’s camera takes pictures almost instantly without perceivable shutter lag.
  • For years, Samsung phones have had a period of lag between the time the shutter button is pressed and when the viewfinder would update.
  • Samsung previously improved the speed with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, and this looks to be a further improvement on that phone.

Samsung Galaxy phone owners will know that while Samsung’s camera quality and software features have been top-notch for a long time, the camera app wasn’t always the speediest app in the world. Taking a picture would regularly result in a slight delay which could cause a blurry image or make it difficult to take pictures back-to-back quickly.

That all looks to be changing with the Galaxy Z Fold 5, a phone that, by all accounts, looked to be pretty boring in the camera department. I’ve had the phone in my hands for the past few days and, during our review process, noticed that the shutter speed looked to be improved over the Z Fold 4. That’s great news to anyone who might be looking to preorder a Z Fold 5 this year.