Memory Module Revolution For PCs And Data Centers

This industry-first memory module promises to revolutionise the DRAM market with enhanced performance, space efficiency, and adaptability.


Samsung Electronics has announced that it has developed the industry’s first low-power compression attached memory module (LPCAMM) form factor. This will impact the DRAM1 PC, laptop, and data centre market. Samsung’s development for its 7.5 Gbps LPCAMM has completed system verification through Intel’s platform.

LPCAMM, or Low Power Compression Attached Memory Module, addresses the limitations of Low Power Double Data Rate (LPDDR) and Small Outline Dual In-Line Memory Modules (So-DIMMs), responding to the increasing demand for efficient and compact devices. As a removable module, LPCAMM provides more adaptability for manufacturers during assembly. Relative to So-DIMM, LPCAMM takes up 60% less motherboard space. This optimises the internal space of devices, enhancing performance by 50% and energy efficiency by 70%.

LPDDR’s energy conservation attributes have garnered interest for server applications, potentially enhancing total cost of operation (TCO) efficiency. Yet, LPDDR use can lead to operational issues, like changing the entire motherboard when adjusting a server’s DRAM specs. LPCAMM presents an answer to these problems, showcasing its potential as the preferred solution for upcoming data centres and servers.

“The energy efficiency and repairability advantages of LPCAMM make this new form factor a game changer in today’s PC market,” said Dr. Dimitrios Ziakas, Vice President of Memory & IO Technology at Intel. “We’re excited to be a part of the new standard enabling the client PC ecosystem and pave the path for future adoption and innovation in broader market segments.”

“With the growing demand for innovative memory solutions encompassing high performance, low power consumption and manufacturing flexibility across various fields, LPCAMM is expected to gain wide adoption in PCs, laptops and data centres,” said Yongcheol Bae, Executive Vice President of Memory Product Planning Team at Samsung Electronics. “Samsung is committed to actively pursuing opportunities to expand the LPCAMM solution market and collaborating closely with the industry to explore new applications for its use.”

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