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Microsoft Bing Chat Expands to Google Chrome and Apple Safari

Microsoft’s Bing Chat, the AI-powered chatbot, is breaking out of its Microsoft-exclusive boundaries and is now being tested on non-Microsoft browsers. The expansion aims to provide a broader user base with access to ChatGPT-like capabilities. Excitement surrounds this move as Bing Chat, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 model, promises a seamless conversational experience. However, with reports of some limitations in other browsers, users are eager to see how this new offering will unfold. Let’s learn more about Microsoft’s strategic move to expand Bing Chat to Google Chrome and Apple Safari platforms.

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Microsoft's AI-powered ChatGPT-like chatbot, Bing Chat, is now being tested on Google Chrome and Apple Safari browsers.

Bing Chat Goes Cross-Browser: Microsoft’s Latest Move

After months of speculation, Microsoft confirmed on Monday that its AI chatbot, Bing Chat, will be available on browsers outside Microsoft‘s ecosystem. This breakthrough comes as the tech giant aims to extend the reach of its AI capabilities beyond the confines of the Bing mobile app and Microsoft Edge browser.

Opening Doors to a Wider Audience

Until now, Bing Chat’s services were exclusive to users within Microsoft’s products. This expansion, however, is set to change that. With Bing Chat entering other popular browsers like Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari, a broader set of users will soon be able to access its intelligent conversational abilities.

Microsoft's Bing Chat is now available on Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

Testing the Waters with Select Users

In an emailed statement, Microsoft’s Director of Communications, Caitlin Roulston, revealed that Bing Chat is currently in the testing phase for select users on Safari and Chrome. The company plans to broaden access once the standard testing procedures are completed, hinting at an impending full-scale rollout.

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Trying Bing Chat in Chrome: How to Access It

Early adopters of Bing Chat on Windows reported receiving a pop-up notification in their taskbar, prompting them to try Bing Chat on Chrome. Those curious to test the AI chatbot can also access it by visiting and clicking the “Chat” icon.

Unraveling the Power of Bing Chat

OpenAI’s impressive GPT-4 model backs Bing Chat’s ChatGPT-like experience. While the technology holds immense potential, some users reported encountering limitations when using the AI chatbot on other browsers compared to its original version.

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AI chatbot Bing Chat brings ChatGPT-like chatting experience to browsers.

Navigating the Limitations

Tech enthusiasts at, among the first to discover Bing Chat’s expansion, observed that the Chrome version supports only five messages per conversation, unlike the 30 messages available in Microsoft Edge. Additionally, the character count in Chrome was limited to 2,000 instead of 3,000, as seen in Edge.

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Microsoft Tight-Lipped on Details

When questioned about these differences and the scope of the expansion, Microsoft remained tight-lipped. The company declined to confirm specific details or share further information about the expansion, leaving users curious about the upcoming surprises.

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Microsoft has a lot of development being planned under wraps.

Bing Chat’s Journey to Integration

Bing Chat has been expanding since its initial launch earlier this year. Initially confined to the Bing mobile app and Edge browser, it has now found its way into the iOS, Android, and desktop versions of the Bing app, alongside Skype integration.

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Business-Focused Bing Chat on the Horizon

Not content with just consumer markets, Microsoft announced that Bing Chat is also heading towards the enterprise sector. An upcoming version of Bing Chat will incorporate business-focused data privacy and governance controls, making it an appealing tool for businesses worldwide. Alongside this announcement, Microsoft introduced Visual Search, allowing the chatbot to respond to user queries about uploaded images.

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Our Say

With Bing Chat’s expansion to Chrome and Safari, Microsoft is opening up new avenues for users to experience its AI-powered chatbot. As the testing phase continues, the technology giant remains tight-lipped about future developments, leaving users eager to uncover what lies ahead. With its advanced capabilities, Bing Chat’s journey into the enterprise domain promises exciting possibilities, ensuring it remains a hot topic across Google search, Google News, social media, and Google Discover.