Mitsubishi is getting into the drone market

Mitsubishi has announced Anymile, a drone-based logistics platform that will facilitate much of the future of drones in our world. Including the backbone and logistics for drone deliveries, drone services, and more.

Anymile goes beyond UTM, providing services for operators to manage their fleets as well as conduct operations. Services include:

  • Shipment management
  • Fleet management
  • Service management
  • Manufacturer’s management

The future of drone deliveries, as a single talking point, will rely on ground services to house, maintain, and stage the drones and operations. Mitsubishi envisions a world where drones can land and be charged and maintained at remote locations, not just the owner’s facilities.

Mitsubishi Anymile CES 2023

While a drone would have to return to the warehouse to pickup products for delivery, an emergency services drone with an AED and general first-aid supply could be docked at a station near to high traffic areas.

Imagine if your local mail carrier could drop off a truck load of packages to a station in your community, then initiate autonomous drone delivery to you and your neighbors. That carrier would be free to delivery other mail, and your delivery time would be more predictable.

Anymile looks to provide the software backbone to services such as this. Customers would be able to rely on Mitsubishi for their fleet management and delivery logistics. While flight systems remain a function for the manufacturer and operator to manage, customers can utilize Anymile’s fleet management, delivery logistics, and more.

We’re so excited for the system that we chose Anymile for our second CES 2023 Award. Stay tuned for more from the platform.

Mitsubishi Anymile CES 2023 Drone Rush award