New Corporate Vision and Mission

RAITH, global developer of micro- and nanofabrication systems and solutions, reviewed its corporate vision and mission statement this year in response to the dynamic environment of the semiconductor industry and its constantly increasing demand for new innovations.

Image Credit: RAITH

The company sets out clear navigation for the direction where it wants to go in the future and defines its purpose as well as its long term strategic goals.

“We reexamined our previous company vision and mission and updated it using new paths and ways of thinking,” says Dr. Michael Steigerwald, CEO of RAITH Group. “This is a great opportunity to provide guidance for our external and internal stakeholders. If they clearly understand what RAITH stands for, what we seek to express through our vision, and what added value we want to create for our customers and for society as a whole, this will have a positive impact on all our joint activities.”

Challenge the Frontiers of Nanotechnology

In a world of constant change and enormous challenges in the semiconductor industry, RAITH aims to contribute to the solution with outstanding nanotechnology innovations. The company strives to push the boundaries of what is possible and to enable its customers to do the same. This is captured in the new vision statement: Challenge the frontiers of nanotechnology.

RAITH enables its customers to advance the digital future. Further, the company enables the transition from innovation to industrial implementation by building a bridge between R&D and industry. The company provides the best technology and the smartest solutions so that its customers can achieve peak performance. This is RAITH´s mission: We enable innovation and industrial implementation of nano devices to advance the digital future.