New drone training course – Drone Rush

Before you take to the sky for the first time, it’s a great idea to learn some basics. There are rules you need to know, but it’s also smart to understand some basic control and flight techniques. Our preferred partner for Part 107 preparation has a brand new training course available, designed for beginner pilots like you.

Introducing Drone Pilot Skill Builder by UAV Coach

  • Drone rules & Registration
  • Flight training
  • Pre-flight checklists & planning
  • How to acquire FAA Airspace Authorization
  • And more

The course includes video lectures, step-by-step guides, links to resources and much more. This course offers great information for any pilot, but is specifically built for beginners and pilots that want to sharpen their skills, learn best camera practices, understand how to fly legally and responsibly, and build best-practices for any flight situation.

Drone Pilot Skill Builder is $99
(Introductory price until July 7th, 2023)