New photography features on Galaxy Z Flip 5, Fold 5 are heading to other Galaxy handsets

According to a Samsung Community moderator (via AndroidHeadlines) who heads up camera-related content, the recently announced Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 have new camera features that Samsung will soon disseminate to some other (and some older) Galaxy handsets. For example, when taking photos in the Photo mode using the rear cameras, the digital zoom has been improved. This is a feature that will make its way to this year’s flagship Galaxy S23 line in a future update, no doubt resulting in cheers from the owners of those phones.
Samsung is said to be working on this update and thus has no date that you can circle on the calendar to let you know when the update will be arriving.

Another improvement to the Galaxy Z Fold 5 will allow you to select multiple photos in Capture View. Once you’ve made your selections, you can share or delete these photos all at one time. In addition, the book-style foldable also has various camera settings in Pro/Pro Video mode that can be adjusted. A future update will add these features to the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy Z Fold 3, and Galaxy Z Fold 2. There is no estimated time of arrival yet.

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 added a new feature that allows you to sharpen the text and remove distractions (like your fingers) from documents you are scanning with either phone. For example, if you’re holding a document with one hand and scanning it with the phone in the other hand, this new feature will account for the shaking of the paper in your hand, and remove your fingers from the image. This feature is coming to the Galaxy S23 series with the One UI 6.0/Android 14 update. The first Beta version of the software will reportedly be released on August 2nd.
The newest Samsung foldables also feature a pretty cool system that allows you to copy the editing you’ve done on one photo, like employ a particular filter or color tone, and use the same exact effects on another photo. This is found in the Gallery app’s Photo Editor menu in the section marked “More.” It will be added to all of Samsung’s foldables released in 2020 and later, including the OG Galaxy Z Flip. It also will be made available to the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S22, and Galaxy S23 flagship models.

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The same devices will receive Samsung’s Photo Remaster feature which has been improved. The Samsung moderator says that this tool can erase fingerprints and foreign objects from photos. And these phones will also get a new video editor that will brighten areas that are already bright, and darken areas that are already dark.

You have to love it when some of the features on the latest releases that you really want on your older phone are added to your device by the manufacturer.