New teaser officially confirms: the Galaxy Z Flip5 folds flat

Ever since Samsung’s Chinese competitors started churning out foldable smartphones that are able to fully close flat, we’ve been waiting, anxiously, for the Korean company to match them. And, just as many rumors over the past few months had anticipated, it looks like the wait will finally be over next week.

Samsung’s Indian arm took to Twitter today to tease the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip5, which is being unveiled at an Unpacked event on July 26, and the teaser makes it clear: the phone folds flat. Just look at it when it’s closed – there’s no gap in sight.

We can all collectively breathe a huge sigh of relief now, right? As you can see, the teaser is all about a cryptic symbol that’s created from folding a bunch of Flip5s together at various angles, and it’s not the only teaser like this. There are a few more, different symbols peppered throughout Samsung India’s Twitter account. The company wants you to suggest meanings for the symbols, so go do that if you want to.

As you may know already, the Flip5 won’t be the only device making its debut at the July 26 event – it will be joined by the Galaxy Z Fold5, the Galaxy Watch6 series, and the Galaxy Tab S9 family.