Next-Generation Industrial Micro ATX Motherboard

Equipped with 13th/12th Gen Intel Core processors and a range of advanced functionalities, the motherboard from IBASE Technology caters to those seeking speed, dependability, and versatility.


IBASE Technology, the design and manufacturing of embedded computing solutions company, have launched the MB998 Micro ATX motherboard. The company claims the motherboard is designed for optimal performance, dependability, and adaptability in industrial settings. The motherboard leverages the capabilities of 13th/12th Gen Intel Core i9/i7/i5/i3 processors and accommodates up to 64GB Double Data Rate 5 (DDR5) Dual In-line Memory Module (DIMM) memory. This provides unparalleled speed, agility, and effectiveness for resource-intensive operations or high-demand software.

The 5G-ready motherboard boasts captivating visuals, supported by High Definition Multimedia Interface (version 2.0b), Digital Visual Interface – Digital (DVI-D), and dual DisplayPort(1.4) (DP++) interfaces. Its extensive connectivity suite features dual Intel 2.5G Local Area Network (LAN) ports and various I/O selections. Additionally, its M.2 slots, available in B-Key, E-Key, and twin M-Key versions, enable users to capitalize on high-velocity storage, ensuring swift system startups and immediate data retrieval. 

Some of the key features of the motherboard include:

  • 13th/12th Gen Intel Core i9/i7/i5/i3 and Pentium/Celeron Processors
  • 2x DDR5 DIMM sockets, Max. 64GB
  • Dual Intel 2.5G LAN
  • 4x USB 3.2, 2x USB 3.1, 2x USB 2.0, 4x COM, 4x SATA III
  • 1x PCI-E (x16) [Gen.5.0], 1x PCI-E (x4) [Gen.4.0], 1x PCI-E (x4) [Gen.3.0]
  • 4x M.2 (B-key, E-key and 2x M-Key)
  • Watchdog timer, Digital I/O, iAMT(16.1), fTPM

In today’s computing landscape, ensuring control and safety is paramount. This motherboard embeds features like a watchdog timer, digital I/O, iAMT (16.1), and Firmware Trusted Platform Module (fTPM), amplifying security, system oversight, and manageability. Furnished with a PCIe x16 and a pair of PCIe x4 slots, the board offers generous space for users to insert additional expansion cards, adapting to their distinct requirements. Upholding its dedication to offering holistic solutions, an array of services include system amalgamation, personalization, and software assistance, facilitating quicker market entry for clients.