OMRON Automation Launches New Collaborative Robot TM20 for Heavy Payloads in India

OMRON, a leading provider of end-to-end industrial automation solutions, has announced the launch of its new OMRON TM20 cobot with a payload of 20 kg. The new cobot is well-equipped to automate palletizing, machine tending, and material handling whilst managing heavy payloads.

The robot is the latest addition to the OMRON family of TM cobots, which are well renowned for their ease of use, reliability, and safety in industries such as food & beverage manufacturing, environment mobility, end-of-line packaging solution makers, and logistics solution providers to name just a few. Just like other robots of OMRON, this is also designed to work seamlessly with other OMRON products including sensors, controllers, and software, to provide a comprehensive automation solution for manufacturers.

Other unique traits of OMRON TM20 are its lightweight design- weighing in at just 33 kg, small footprint, and a reach of 1.3 meters that make it easier to integrate with mobile robots, providing greater flexibility and efficiency in industrial environments. The robot also comes equipped with special joint covers to protect it from cutting oil and other hazardous materials, making it suitable for use in machine tending applications, and an integrated camera (as an option) to identify & differentiate infeed production flow from mixed production lines.

Sameer Gandhi, MD, OMRON Automation expressed his enthusiasm for the launch of the OMRON TM20. “This new addition to our cobot family is to strengthen the value generation for our customers to make them automate heavy payload applications and achieve more out of their operations. It provides operators with relief from tasks that involve heavy lifting while ensuring that it operates safely alongside people. We look forward to collaborating with the right solution partners to co-create & develop advanced industrial solutions based on the human-machine collaborative technology the robot offers,” he shared.