Software Development

Planview delivers the convergence of portfolio management, Agile planning, and value stream management

Software management company Planview has announced Digital Product Insights, which combines portfolio management and agile planning with delivery insights from value stream management (VSM) and objectives key results (OKRs).

The release is part of the company’s initiative to give companies a concrete way to break down organizational silos with a single view of shared metrics and business outcome insights.

“For far too long, a black box has existed between business strategies and how software isdelivered against them,” said Razat Gaurav, CEO of Planview. “To thrive in today’s fast-paced environment, the entire C-Suite, from CEO to CFO to CTO, need shared, real-time, actionable data regarding the health of their entire organization’s business and digital transformation initiatives. Planview delivers an innovative way to leverage predictive delivery insights and sentiment details and put them back into portfolio, value stream, and team plans, helping organizations create faster feedback loops that yield better decisions and deliver better outcomes—ultimately shining a light on that black box.”

The new Digital Product Insights system utilizes AI-powered sentiment analysis to gather data from comments. It categorizes the language as positive, negative, or neutral, offering a comprehensive view of plan performance. This data-driven approach supports proactive decision-making and increases confidence in predicting successful deliveries.

Planview also launched two innovations focused on delivering data-driven visibility to further strengthen the connection between software delivery and business outcomes.

The first is Planview Universal Connector, which extends connectivity across the enterprise toolchain, allowing organizations to continue their use of in-house or industry-specific applications as part of their value delivery.

The other, Roadmaps for Teams helps organizations translate plans into visual timelines for achieving their business outcomes and completing deliverables and can be used in conjunction with Digital Product Insights.