Software Engineering

Pre-configured Development Environments with John Craft and Ramiro Berrelleza

In this episode we have two guests Ramiro Berrelleza is the founder and CEO of Okteto, a developer tool that helps you create production like dev environments in the cloud for every developer. Ramiro will tell us how to easily make replica environments for your day to day development , but computing related infrastructure is only half the battle. It also helps to have realistic data when you’re developing.
John Craft is the CTO at Privacy Dynamics, a company that helps you create anonymized data. You can use Privacy Dynamics to create realistic data from your production database without compromising your customer information.

Alex is an AWS Data Hero, an independent consultant, and the author of The DynamoDB Book, the comprehensive guide to data modeling with DynamoDB. He was an early employee at Serverless, Inc., creators of the Serverless Framework, and was an early community member in the serverless space. His consulting and training work focuses on serverless architectures and database optimization. You can find him on Twitter as @alexbdebrie or on his site,