Real-Time Kinematics Explained – News

In our latest video, we show you different methods on how to achieve millimeter-level accuracy with our lineup of RTK-capable products.




Real-Time Kinematics, or RTK, hasn’t always been the easiest technology to grasp, let alone utilize. Luckily, SparkFun has put a lot of effort into unlocking the potential of RTK by releasing many products and resources to achieve millimeter-level accuracy for a host of use cases. We hope this video helps you understand the use cases and the hardware options available to receive correction data in order to make your geolocation needs as accurate as possible.



If you are interested in learning more about using RTK in your projects and comparing our hardware offerings, consider having a look at the products and resources below:

RTK Solutions

We also have lineup of enclosed and ready to use GNSS receivers that can be used as field surveyors or wherever portability and ease of use are of utmost importance:

RTK Surveyors

SparkFun RTK Facet

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SparkFun RTK Express

28 available




It is incredible how far we’ve come with RTK technology and it is only going to get more accessible, advanced, and affordable. We hope you enjoyed the video and make sure to sign up to receive updates about RTK with the form above.