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Renewables startup aims to disrupt domestic energy market

The Swarm team (top, left to right: Dan Martin (Co-Founder and CEO); Barry McMahon (Head of Engineering); Anthony Piggott (Co-Founder and CTO); front, left to right: Emily Ling (Head of Operations); Shanice Haley (Customer Experience Manager); Melissa Verdon (Office Manager); Matt Martindale (Head of Marketing).

A green energy management startup, launched by two experienced energy sector entrepreneurs, aims to change the way people buy, generate and use power in their homes.

Swarm is headed up by Anthony Piggott and Dan Martin, who sold their EV charging business, Elmtronics, to European operator Mer last year.

The business, based in Newcastle upon Tyne, is opening its doors to customers in North East England, before a national roll-out in 2024.

Dan Martin, CEO and Co-Founder, explained: “Right now, people are reliant on the big energy companies to power their homes, and lots of us are feeling the impact of increasing energy costs. We founded Swarm to change this and kick off a much-needed energy revolution.

“We believe that, if we’re to transition to renewable energy and address rising costs and uncertainty, then the way people buy and sell energy needs to change. We give homeowners the power to control the way they generate renewable energy, use it where and when they need it to further reduce their reliance on the grid, and automatically sell any excess back when it’s worth the most.”

Swarm designs and installs a bespoke ‘solar power plant’ for each home, consisting of solar panels, an inverter and battery storage.

In development is a new energy management system which people will be able to use to manage all their home’s energy in one place, regardless of the brands of smart devices they have. The Swarm Q-Bee will manage how energy flows around the home, diverting energy to where and when it’s needed, storing excess to avoid peak grid pricing and eventually enabling people to sell the power they generate between one another or as a collective back to the grid – all in one place.

And the team provides support for customers throughout the lifetime of their energy system, not just during the installation process.

Dan said: “We went into this business because we all have to play a part in addressing climate change and the cycle of being trapped with ever-raising energy bills. By giving people control over the energy in their own homes, they can transition to renewable energy, they can live in a more sustainable way, and they can save money as well.”

The business already employs a team of 10 and has big plans for growth over the next few months.

“We want Swarm to become a household name that’s synonymous with energy management in the home, like Nest is for heating,” added Co-Founder and CTO, Anthony Piggott. “This business has huge potential and, in a time of uncertainty for the energy market, we have big ambitions to change the way people across the UK use energy in their homes and disrupt the traditional balance of power we’ve seen in the industry.”

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