Save $30 on an Arc Studio Subscription and Create Polished Scripts on a Budget

If you’re an aspiring filmmaker, there’s a good chance that you’re looking to save every dollar you can. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the ability to create polished and professional-looking scripts. Arc Studio is our favorite screenwriting software for those on a budget, and right now you can get signed up for $30 off with this CNET-exclusive discount. Use the link below to get a one-year Essentials subscription for just $39, or a one-year Pro subscription for $69. There’s no set expiration for this offer, so you’ve got some time to decide if Arc Studio is for you.

With an Arc Studio subscription, you can create scripts and screenplays that look just as sleek and polished as the pros’ without breaking the bank. With an Essentials or Pro membership, you can access the program through your browser, or as an app on your desktop, iPhone or iPad. Plus, these subscriptions allow you to create unlimited scripts, automatically backup your work, allow you to leave comments and make it easy to export your final draft.

If you’re serious about your filmmaking, we’d recommend upgrading to the Pro subscription. The included outlining tools are some of our favorite features, and make it easy to plan out longer arcs and stories. A Pro membership also allows you to invite other collaborators without an Arc Studio subscription, create custom formats and layouts, access older versions of your script and stash away sections of your script without having to delete them entirely.