Software Development

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Winglang

Winglang is a unified programming model that merges infrastructure and application code within a single programming language.

It can be compiled into Terraform/IaC and JavaScript, allowing for versatile usage. In Winglang, infrastructure resources hold a prominent position, being treated as first-class citizens.

One of the notable features of Winglang is its ability to automatically generate IAM policies and handle various cloud mechanics seamlessly.

Users can maintain their creative flow with minimal context switching and receive immediate feedback as well as have the capability to run their cloud applications in their local environments. They can also write unit tests for complete cloud architectures ensuring the quality and robustness of their code.

The tool provides visualization, interaction, and debugging functionalities locally, enabling users to have a comprehensive understanding and control of their applications.

Users have the flexibility to utilize any cloud service and compile their code to multiple cloud providers and provisioning engines while maintaining complete control over their infrastructure configuration and deployment. To ensure maximum portability, the tool provides a cloud-agnostic SDK that allows users to seamlessly work across different cloud environments.

Additional details are available here.