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SDKs for your API with Sagar Batchu

APIs are ubiquitous and critical to building modern software, and developers must frequently develop custom APIs to streamline user access to their services.

However, making an API that provides a great developer experience can be a time-consuming endeavor. As a result, API teams often leave the final mile of integration up to their users.

Speakeasy aims to provide a product and a pipeline that makes it easy to create and consume any API.

Sagar Batchu is the co-founder and CEO of Speakeasy and he joins us in this episode.

Paweł is the founder at flat.sociaI the world’s first ‘flatverse’ start-up. Pawel’s background is as a full-stack software engineer with a lean and experimental approach towards product development. With a strong grounding in computing science, he spent the last decade getting early-stage products off the ground – both in startup and corporate settings.

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