SimActive Lowers Pricing Large Drone Cameras

SimActive, large drone cameras, data processing, mappingSimActive Announces New Pricing for Processing Data from Larger Drone Cameras

SimActive Inc., a world-leading developer of photogrammetry software, started 20 years ago providing large scale mapping for military customers, based on data gathered from large format cameras mounted on aircraft.  Since then, their flagship Correlator3D software has expanded to offer the same ease of use and fast processing times for a wide variety of data: from satellite data to drone data.

Correlator3D offers unique features for processing drone data.  Correlator3D supports any drone platform, all cameras and sensors, infrared and multi spectral imagery, and obliques.  Correlator3D is used across industries including surveying, construction, agriculture, mining, forestry, and emergency response.

Now, SimActive has announced new pricing for Correlator3D, meeting the rising demand for bigger drone sensors like the Sony A7R IV. Larger drone cameras of up to 61 megapixels are now covered under the low-priced UAV license option, which was previously capped at 50MP.

“We are known for our ability to process larger datasets at faster speeds”, said Dr Philippe Simard, CEO of SimActive.  “With this new affordable option for drones, it makes us by far the best solution out there.”

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