Software Engineering

Simplifying Documentation with Sébastien Lorber

In the realm of modern software development, clear and comprehensive documentation is essential for guiding users and contributors alike. Developers often struggle to create, manage, and maintain documentation that is both user-friendly and visually appealing.
In this episode, we sit down with Sebastian Lorber, the lead maintainer of Docusaurus, a widely acclaimed open-source static site generator, purpose-built for documentation sites. Sebastian sheds light on how Docusaurus empowers developers to effortlessly build and deploy documentation websites that are not only functional, maintainable, and easy to brand.

Mike Bifulco is CTO and co-founder of Craftwork. He’s also a developer advocate, writer, podcaster and serial startup founder. In past lives, Mike worked for Google, Stripe, Microsoft, and Gymnasium. Mike is also co-founder of APIs You Won’t Hate, a community for API Developers on the web. Mike’s publishes a weekly newsletter for product builders called Tiny Improvements at Mike is on Mastodon at 

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