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Sourcegraph with Quinn Slack – Software Engineering Daily

Dealing with excessive context switching in your daily development tasks? Spending too much time looking for that code snippet you lost in the chaos of your workflow? You’re not alone.

Even if you do surface that snippet in your notes app or Teams chat, do you remember the key context behind it?

Use Pieces, an app developers use to manage development materials across their workflows. All saved snippets are auto-enriched with titles, descriptions, tags, related links, and even related people.

Pieces is seamlessly integrated with your IDE, browser, and collaboration tools, making it easy to save, search, share, reference, and reuse code snippets throughout your work-in-progress journey.

Pieces now has a built-in AI-coding assistant, Pieces Copilot, that generates relevant code tailored to your project. Set custom context with your personal code base, ask it who you can contact for a particular issue, and use it completely on-device, even without an internet connection.

Go to to download the desktop application for free, and start boosting your productivity today.