Stomp is a new Mastodon client for Apple Watch users

We’ve seen a lot of new Mastodon clients for iPhone, iPad, and Mac being released on the App Store this year. But now, developer Will Bishop is releasing Stomp – an app that lets Apple Watch users access Mastodon right from their wrists. Read on as we detail how the app works.

Stomp brings Mastodon to watchOS

For those unfamiliar, Will Bishop created Chirp, a popular Twitter client for the Apple Watch. As Twitter shut down its API for third-party apps, Chirp was also discontinued. But now the developer is reviving his project with Stomp, which works with the decentralized social network Mastodon. And using the app is quite simple.

After installing the app on both your iPhone and Apple Watch, all you have to do is set up your Mastodon account through your iPhone and that’s it. The account will be synchronized with your Apple Watch, and then you’re ready to use Stomp.

As described by Bishop, Stomp brings Mastodon’s “full experience” to the Apple Watch with access to an “endless timeline, trending, lists, search, and even messages.” Just as you’d expect, the app lets users like and boost posts, view replies, and even reply or create a new post right from the Apple Watch.

For those with an Apple Watch Series 7 or later, you can also use the built-in virtual keyboard to create new posts. Stomp also provides easy access to notifications, mentions, and trending topics. In my experience using the app, Stomp is definitely a very full-featured app for accessing Mastodon from the Apple Watch.

Try it now

Stomp is now available on the App Store, and you can try it for free. However, some features such as the ability to create new posts require a paid in-app purchase.

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