Straight Talk ‘s new hilarious television ad: “Use your loved ones to save money on wireless”

Straight Talk, which was acquired by Verizon when it purchased TracFone a couple of years ago, is available exclusively from Walmart which helps explain the new television commercial created to announce the new family plan. Comedian Jim Gaffigan is the star of the 30-second spot which focuses on how consumers can save money on a Straight Talk account and get more lines by signing up the entire family. At least those who are old enough to have and own a smartphone.

Gaffigan apparently had a lot of fun doing the ad. He said, “Straight Talk makes life easier and simpler for people with large families like mine, or even people with lots of friends who feel like family. The commercials we made inside Walmart stores were hilarious. Working with Straight Talk was fun and joining them on a campaign that helps people save more money is the cherry on top.”

In the ad, Gaffigan grabs the microphone used by Walmart associates and gives the familiar “Attention Walmart shoppers,” greeting. “Here’s some Straight Talk for ya,” he continues. “Use your loved ones to save money on wireless.” The comedian then goes throughout the store telling families (and one shopper in ‘the family way’) about how they can save money with the family plan discounts available with Straight Talk’s Silver Unlimited plan.

Straight Talk is one of the brands under the Verizon Value umbrella along with other prepaid brands such as Total by Verizon, Visible, Tracfone, Simple Mobile, SafeLink, Walmart Family Mobile, and Verizon Prepaid.