Stretchy PCBs In Development For Smart Cardiac Monitor

Würth Elektronik is researching an intelligent patch for cardiac monitoring built on flexible and stretchable PCBs.

Wurth Elektronik is working on two cardiac monitors, one with six electrodes and a mini version with three electrodes which will last less than the previous one. Electrodes designed for bodily contact were directly printed onto the printed circuit board (PCB), which exhibited sufficient durability to accommodate the installation of a system-in-package module.

Involving a consortium of 31 partners, the primary objective is to enhance the semiconductor value chain in the European medical sector. This can be achieved through the collaborative development of tools, techniques, and procedures focused on enabling large-scale production.

Wurth’s contribution to the Applause project involved introducing hybrid panel-level PCB packaging. This innovation facilitated the development of affordable thermal imaging systems, encompassing tasks like wire bonding and the protective encapsulation of sizable optical chips.