Taylor Swift uses Apple Music lyrics to share riddles on new album

Taylor Swift is about to release her newest album called “The Tortured Poets Department” on April 19. Last week, the singer had already partnered with Apple Music to release a series of playlists with a voice message from Taylor to promote her new album. Now Taylor Swift is using Apple Music lyrics to share some riddles with her fans.

Taylor Swift shares riddles about her new album on Apple Music

As noticed by some fans and confirmed by Taylor Nation (Taylor Swift’s official PR management team), the lyrics to at least one of Taylor Swift’s songs on Apple Music have been edited to include riddles about The Tortured Poets Department.

Earlier today, Taylor Nation shared a story on Instagram with the logo of the new album along with the Apple Music tag and a magnifying glass emoji. The story had some glitch effects, which led the singer’s most avid fans to search for the lyrics to the song “Glitch” from the album Midnights. The lyrics to this song have been modified with some random capitalized letters.

By putting all the uppercase letters together, fans formed the word “HEREBY.” To add even more fuel to the fire, Taylor Nation shared a post on X suggesting that there will be more riddles to be found in Apple Music lyrics soon.

Taylor Swift is all about easter eggs, and this isn’t the first time the singer has used the lyrics of her previous songs to hint at what’s to come next. Given that we’re still a week away from the release of The Tortured Poets Department, we’ll probably see some other hidden words that will reveal something about the new album.

Taylor’s songs are back on TikTok

In related news, Taylor Swift’s songs recently returned to TikTok after being removed due to a dispute between the platform and Universal Music. Although this dispute is yet to be settled, Swift seems to have reached an individual agreement with TikTok. However, only the songs that the singer owns the full rights to (such as those known as Taylor’s Version) are back.

Make sure you follow Taylor Swift’s Apple Music page to be notified when the new album becomes available.

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