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Every year TCS Conduct free NQT for final year students. I had apply through tcs nextstep for free nqt. After 1 month I got a mail regarding online assessment. Based on your exam TCS invite you for an interview for a ninja or digital profile

Round-1 (Online Exam)

Online Exam comprised two sections.

Section A(Foundation):

it consists of 65 questions with 75 minutes in total. Numerical Ability – 20 questions consisting of Arithmetic questions, Verbal Ability – 25 questions consisting of grammar, sentence arrangement as well as reading comprehension next was the Reasoning Ability – 20 questions consisting of reasoning-based and data interpretation questions.

Section B(Advanced):

The Advanced Section was subdivided into two sections, first one was the advanced quantitative ability, and the other reasoning ability with 10 questions each with 35 minutes in total. The next section was the coding with two questions, one easy and another a medium-level question with 55 minutes in total

I have to solve all questions in the foundation section and In the advanced section I miss some questions in quantitative ability. In the coding section, I have solved one question completely and the second question partially.

Suggestion: Because TCS mass hires through this exam so it takes time to be patience. I would suggest doing questions from Indiabix for quant, reasoning, and verbal ability. I would suggest practicing a good amount of questions from array, string, and DP-related problems from GFG and Leetcode both platforms will be more than sufficient to deal with the problems

After 1.5 months I got a mail regarding an interview for the ninja/digital profile

Round-2 (Virtual Interview):

In this round, the technical, managerial, and HR will be conducted in a single round itself. Firstly Hr had to do my document verification. After that The Technical interviewer will start with a basic introduction and then will move on to your subject of interest, being a CS student my questions came from Operating Systems, DBMS, and Software Engineering as well as a few other CS subject questions like what is encapsulation, and inheritance.

After some theoretical questions, the second interviewer asks me to open an editor and write prime number code and some SQL queries like creating a table and the second highest salary from employees. I have been able to solve all question

After this interviewer ask some hr question like family background, and why you want to join TCS. Please read about TCS before the interview time they asked questions about TCS

After 2 months I got the mail for selection for the ninja profile

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27 Jul, 2023

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