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Teachnook Interview Experience for Academic Counsellor

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Teachnook is an ed-tech firm/company or an e-learning platform focused on practical and outcome-based learning. The company participated in the on-campus placement drive of our college. The company was open for the following role:

Role: Academic Counsellor

The package that they were offering was 4-6 lpa and he role that they offered was basically not a technical role but a sales and marketing role. It is good for the ones interested in that particular domain for Sales and Marketing.

The interview process was just in two processes:

Round-1 :

Shortlisting the candidates based on their percentage.


It was an Interview round.

The interview was not very long but just for 15-20 minutes. Here in the interview asked questions related to the marketing of any product. First of all, he asked me to introduce myself and thereafter there were some questions associated with marketing. Some of them were:

1) Do you have any prior experience?

2) How will you convince your customer to buy that product over calls and physically?

3) Are you aware of any marketing tools and strategies?

There were more, for reference you can visit Marketing archives. There is a rich set of questions related to the same.

Then after I received my offer letter after two days via Gmail. The letter mentions the policies of the company along with the details such as:

  • Date of Joining
  • Training Duration
  • Stipend during training etc.

Hope this would help you get some insights into the interview process for Teachnook.

Last Updated :
31 Jul, 2023

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