• Next generation console input adapter for PS4, PS3, XBOX ONE and 360
  • Game on your consoles using your favorite PC gaming-grade peripherals (Check the Xim Website for compatible devices)
  • Unsurpassed in-game 1-to-1 feel thanks to advanced XIM Smart Translator technology
  • Simple wireless configuration using your smartphone or tablet
  • Supports both desktop and living room gaming styles

So I recently bought one of these devices myself, The reason for this purchase is simple. I always was a PC gamer but after my Daughter was born I sold my expensive gaming PC setup and opted for an Xbox One. Being used to a gaming mouse and keyboard for so long I found controllers rather annoying to use. Now this device is causing quite a stir because some say it gives an unfair advantage and others like myself say, let us play the games how we wan’t. It’s not a cheat it doesn’t think for you, it doesn’t auto aim for you or anything stupid like that, it’s just simply and allows you to use your preferred method of control.


The Support for the Xim Apex is huge and it supports nearly every game out there that you would need a mouse and keyboard for. There is a really handy app that you download for IOS or Android to help configure it. Now configuration is not noob friendly, however it is not to difficult either. Some videos exist on how people set theirs up however if you aren’t using the exact same keyboard and mouse as the video then your settings will need to be different.


Now XIM do say they don’t support wireless keyboard and mice, but I can tell you that wireless keyboard and mice do work and from my experience with them they work very well to.



You can play the way yout used to

No noticeable lag or choppy movements, you actually think your playing on a PC instead of a gaming console

Works with wireless devices

Lots of customisation options



Slightly fiddly to setup, give yourself a bit of time to configure it but once thats done, your laughing