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Tesla Cybertrucks Roll Into Tesla Stores Before Black Friday

It’s exactly 10 days remaining to the Cybertruck Delivery Event that is going to take place at Tesla Giga Texas on November 30. Tesla (TSLA) however, has already started displaying Cybertrucks at its showrooms in the United States.

Just yesterday, a Tesla enthusiast, Eric Ahmed, shared pictures and a video of a Cybertruck that is currently on display at the automaker’s San Diego-UTC (University Town Center) showroom in California. Tesla typically calls its car showrooms Tesla Stores. According to Eric, the Cybertrucks showcased at Tesla Stores are production models and are intended to be delivered to early reservation-holder customers. However, until the Delivery Event is concluded, the owners of these trucks will have to wait.

A Tesla sales representative at the Tesla San Diego-UTC Mall showroom said that this is the VIN-1200 Cybertruck. Another important piece of information the Tesla sales rep confirmed is that the Cybertruck has “Perforated Seats.” The recently launched Tesla Model 3 Highland also has ventilated seats in the front and perforated in the back.

Video: Tesla Cybertruck the Tesla Store in San Diego. Credit: Eric Ahmed / Facebook. Credit: Eric Ahmed / Facebook.

The production quality, fit, and finish of the customer delivery Cybertrucks is more than impressive. The panels are tightly joined together with minimal gaps. Tesla’s track record with panel gaps on early-production vehicles is not great, but this time the automaker has silenced the critics in this area.

The shine of the stainless steel body panels is alluring. However, the Cybertruck stock wheel covers aren’t earning much praise from the Tesla Community. But these covers mainly serve as aero wheels to improve range and can be easily removed to expose the wheel design underneath.

In the past few weeks, many trucks transporting Cybertrucks have been spotted on several US highways. These trucks have also been seen loading Cybertrucks from Giga Texas towards their destinations across the country. No wonder that they have now started appearing at Tesla showrooms. But looking at them this close is undoubtedly wonderful.

Tesla Cybertruck went through several design tweaks and production-start challenges before it finally reached showrooms. Still, a limited number of owners will be able to receive the delivery of their dream electric pickup truck, because according to Elon Musk, it will take at least 12–18 months for Cybertruck production to ramp up significantly.

Tesla has a large order log of 2 million+ Cybertrucks, and it might take the automaker years before it will be able to fulfill these orders. However, the Cybertruck Delivery Event is coming closer, where Tesla is expected to reveal all the features and specs of the truck.

A Cybertruck banner at the Tesla San Diego store does confirm two more specifications, bed payload and towing capacity. The Tesla Cybertruck has 2,500 lb of payload capacity and it can tow 11,000 lb.

A picture and info-filled X (Twitter) thread by Russell is also helpful in getting an up-close and personal look at the Cybertruck.

Article courtesy of Tesla Oracle.